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Wanna Fly to Las Vegas, But What Is The Best Time?

Wanna Fly to Las Vegas, But What Is The Best Time?


Wanna Fly to Las Vegas, But What Is The Best Time?

Take trips to Las Vegas, and you will never regret it unless you ended up losing millions of dollars at the casinos. ((→_→) you can try but do not take the gambling too seriously). You will find Las Vegas heaven for travelers who love entertainment, nightlife scene, cuisine, and more.

What Is The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas?

If you ask me when to visit Las Vegas, then I would ask: “What do you look for the most, the season for comfortable weather and cheap Vegas trips or purely entertainment activities?

My answer varies according to your preferences.

March to May & September to November – Favorable for Budget

Considering the weather conditions and cheap deals, spring and autumn are the most favorable for trips to Las Vegas.

The fabulous Las Vegas is awaiting…

The daily temperature goes between the 70s to 80s from March to May. In September and November, it can go up to 90s. In the evening, it usually drops a bit. You can expect the weather to be much warmer and fuzzier than many other parts of the world. So, feel free to plan for some fun activities like climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, or walking along the strip.

Autumn in Las Vegas also features several mild events you wouldn’t want to miss, say, Nellis Aviation Nation Airshow or Life is Beautiful Festival.

If it is prices which concern you the most, then congrats. Las Vegas welcomes fewer tourists in these two periods, so it is easy for you to find V.I.P rooms at an astounding price.

June to August – Best for Fun

In summer, both temperature and prices for trips to Las Vegas heat up significantly. This is the peak season here, so Las Vegas is packed with people, usually the families. In turn, you can go all wild with way-fun activities.

For example, if you are a  pool-person, the pools in Las Vegas will do an excellent job to keep you fresh and enjoyable. You might find yourself sitting in the shallow end with a lukewarm cup of the cocktail while chatting with new friends.

More excitingly, there are bunches of celebrities’ shows at the casinos or nightclubs. Almost all of them are fully-packed.

Packed pool with pack of fun

Though the price is also friendly, compared to some other periods, you must prepare for higher rates of flight and hotel to Vegas.

Also, daytime sightseeing is not recommended. Stay cool somewhere if you do not want to be wilting under the 106-degree-F sunlight, or to experience dehydration.

Whenever you choose, enjoy yourself!

5 Things to Do in Trips to Las Vegas

Let’s countdown what the most exciting activities you must try in trips to Las Vegas are. Remember to put it down in your traveling notebook!

Take a selfie with Las Vegas welcome sign

Almost all travelers have this classic spots to celebrate their arrival to Las Vegas.

Helloooo world, I’m here in Las Vegas!

Taking a photo like this is a piece of cake. Just grab a taxi to take you there, pull out your camera or selfie stick, make a cool pose if possible, and shoot several pictures.

Place a bet at the casino

Do not get me wrong.

I do not try to pull you to any dangerous gambling games, but you are there at the famous casino in the world, who wouldn’t want to give it a go?

It is alright as long as you do not take gambling too seriously. Just join in a table game or a poker room and try your luck. Winning (or losing) some money is fun and good enough.

Keep in mind: Have fun – no need to break a bank

Travel around the world right within Las Vegas

Interesting enough, you do not need to leave Vegas to explore the other parts of the world. All famous destinations, more or less, are at your sign as many hotels here feature themes of notable locales like Paris Las Vegas, Bellagio Fountains, Venetian, and so on.

Even cheap hotels in Vegas are works of art.

Fantastic Venetian Hotel

Explore the cuisines from Asia to Europe

Take a stroke downtown Sin City, and you can treat yourself with delicious foods and drinks around the world, from the classic cheap cuisines to luxury splurges.

From my experiences after several trips to Las Vegas, the Chinatown Plaza and Vegas Strip are the must-go destinations for food-lovers. While the Chinese restaurants serve incendiary and chili-laden traditional Asian dishes, the Vegas Strip is famous for modern and unique recipes.

Both are tasty.

Travel to eat, eat to travel

Take one or several helicopter tours

Take one or several helicopter tours

Taking a helicopter ride las vegas tour means getting a sight of the city up high. The feeling is just “awesome.”

My most recommended tour by helicopter is from Grand Canyon to Las Vegas. Last summer, my family took a trip like that, and for your information, it was super thrilling.

What impressed us the most was the journey from Canyon to Vegas flying over the Nevada Desert and Hoover Dam. Near the desert, there is a blue Bay. The combination of sky-blue water, mountains, and desserts here are so stunning that I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight for a while.

Once give a helicopter a try, you can’t get enough of the view

Afterward, the Grand Canyon was revealed with a breathtaking view, which I can not describe myself. Once you try, you will see.

Ready for Trips to Las Vegas

Now that you have all the information you need on Travelling to Las Vegas, there is no more reason for hesitation. When to go, either at peak season or off-peak season is up to your interest, but keep these small tips in mind: book Tuesday or Thursday as the room is available at lower rates.

If you find this post helpful, please share with others too. Plan your trip and happy traveling folks.

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