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Top 8 Destinations To Give You A Comprehensive Experience Of Las Vegas

Top 8 Destinations To Give You A Comprehensive Experience Of Las Vegas


Top 8 Destinations To Give You A Comprehensive Experience Of Las Vegas

When it comes to Las Vegas, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind?

Is it the land of delight, gambling, prestige, and entertainment?

If this is all that you think of Vegas, you would be making a huge mistake about this wholesome city. Whether you are looking for a luxury getaway, a spiritual escape, an excursion into the wilderness, the city has them all to offer because it will be all-inclusive trips to Las Vegas.

Among numerous sights and attractions in this gorgeous city, we have picked some of the all-time favorites to recommend for you. Keep reading to find out top things that will upgrade your Vegas expedition.

Las Vegas Strip

There is no denying that the most distinctive feature of Vegas city is casinos and resort complex. So, a trip to Las Vegas will not be complete without a visit to the Las Vegas Strip, the extension in Clark County of South Las Vegas Boulevard.

The high concentration of bars and clubhouses here draws on an area of 4.2 miles long. Top star buildings on the street follow the contemporary style with outstanding remarks on the use of lighting systems and stone sculptures.

To enjoy Las Vegas Strip tours, you don’t have to get in a casino and pour your money on gambling. The area itself is already iconic and especially scenic at night.

Hoover Dam

Another important site in Las Vegas is Hoover Dam, the youth fountain for not only the city downtown but also nearby areas. Constructed in 1935 when the Great Depression hit the U.S. economics, Hoover Dam in this day and age still brings electricity to three American States, namely Nevada, Arizona, and California.

What we admire most about Hoover Dam is the massive capacity which is hard to feel when you take a foot tour around this area. So, it’s better off taking a helicopter ride in Vegas to catch a panoramic view of such an engineering wonder.

“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Landmark

Someone can tell why such an ordinary sign becomes a supreme symbol of Vegas. The old school font with vibrant text color on a welcoming sign to the south end of the Strip is unquestionably the most hunted background for classic Instagram photos.

The sign is an artwork created by Betty Willis in May 1959. Although more than 70 years have elapsed, the original design remains the same while tourists’ appeal is soaring.

Neon Museum

Located in between the hallway from the Vegas Strip to the city downtown, Neon Museum is a bridge to connect the modern city with its previous version in the past. As the name implies, there are approximately 200 neon billboards featured within the area of the museum. The most colorful lot of Neon Museum is called Boneyard to commemorate long-established icons which set the name for Vegas.

Residents usually say that the museum sells cheap tickets to Vegas of the long-gone days. Inside this museum, you can see a wide range of architecture modeling the old clubhouses and casinos. A part of Neon Museum is restored from a lobby shell of the old-fashioned La Concha Motel.

The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement

Instead of the long and shady full name, people often know about this museum as the Mob Museum for short. If the Neon Museum gives you a rustic vibe, this one brings you to a darker shade of Las Vegas.

The museum is devoted to demonstrating real artifacts, authentic stories, and history of organized crime in the U.S, along with the efforts and initiatives by law enforcement accordingly. It takes you to the “ Wild-Wild-West” often adapted on Hollywood blockbusters. Thanks to the advanced technology with interactive videos, you will play the role of a detective to uncover such infamous cases in Vegas history.

Fremont Street

Set in the heart of the city downtown, Fremont Street may be the younger but more dynamic brother of The Vegas Strip. Still a myriad of casinos, restaurants, recreational centers working 24/7 but Fremont offers a more affordable price for the services. So, if you want to bet your luck but don’t want to risk your wallet, head to Fremont Street.

For those who don’t like gambling, there are also a lot of street performers to entertain you during your leisure walk on the street. Plus, the Fremont Street Experience, a pedestrian mall, will host multiple shows and concerts in which all the light from the clubhouses and the buildings will be turned off, creating enchanted minutes in the sleepless city of Vegas.

High Roller Ferris Wheel

High Roller Ferris Wheel is holding a world record for the tallest Ferris wheel to be completely constructed. Since the launching in 2016, High Roller with the highest point of 550 feet has been the observation deck for the best birds-eye view of Las Vegas.

A full circle takes about 30 minutes, so a value-added service you can extend is to hire a private bartender to prepare a Vegas-style beverage in the cabin. It requires a surcharge for sure.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Even though Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area doesn’t belong to Las Vegas, it is within easy reach from the Strip, only 24 km from the west of Vegas city. The most extraordinary thing of this conservation area is brilliant red rock formations. The red color varies in shade, so the canyon from a far distance looks like a watercolor painting made by Mother Nature.

If you are adventurous, hiking or rock climbing in the Red Rock Canyon will be an excellent choice to test your limit. The peak of the La Madre Mountain is 8,154 feet, which is quite impressive. Also, you can have a bicycling tour around the area to feel the magnificence of Red Rock Canyon.

A day trip to canyon from Las Vegas will make an ideal escape from the city life without all the hustle and bustle.

Before You Leave

Now you know that all-inclusive trips to Las Vegas can embrace much of everything about tourism. From shopping in high-end malls to relishing street performance, from emptying your pocket in casinos to getting close to the unspoiled nature, Vegas will not let you down.

It’s your choice to go for what kind of travel and which side of Las Vegas you want to look at!

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