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Top 15 Best Blogs To Follow About Trips to Las Vegas

Top 15 Best Blogs To Follow About Trips to Las Vegas


Top 15 Best Blogs To Follow About Trips to Las Vegas

Tourism is one of the main drivers of the economy in Las Vegas.

Each year, the number of visitors who choose Las Vegas as an ideal destination is incredible.

It is the city of entertainment, culture and cuisine. What creates a sumptuous Sin City is luxurious resorts, crowded streets, well-decorated restaurants, rich hotels, lavish casinos, outdoor activities, and lively nightlife.

So, if the Sin City is on the top list of the next destination you want to visit, do not hesitate any more. Scroll down this article, note some interesting travel blogs about Las Vegas and make plans for a memorable trip in this city!

#1: Travel Vegas Blog

This is the first blog I highly recommend to you.

Travel Vegas Blog is a good resource you should refer before booking hotels or restaurants in Las Vegas. They update frequently about entertainments, deals, discounts, and news.

You can find the helpful posts on their website. I think their suggestions and advice will play an important role in your trip to Las Vegas.

#2: Vegas Fanboy

When traveling to the Sin City, gambling is a must-try activity. This is the main reason why Vegas Fanboy is created.

Vegas Fanboy is a friendly gambling site. They have over 2000 followers on twitter because of their useful tips and strategies. If you want to maximize your Vegas Travel budget, Vegas Fanboy will show you how to gain from gambling.

It is a challenging and incredible experience in Las Vegas!

#3: Vegas Active Travel Guide

The purpose of Vegas Travel Guide is helping you plan your Las Vegas vacation.

You can read about the famous tourist attractions, top chef restaurants, high-end spa, nature parks, outdoor activities, shopping malls and more.

With interesting images and good content, you will love this blog like me!

#4: Hiking Las Vegas – Best hikes within 60 minutes of Las Vegas

Author of Hiking Las Vegas, Branch Whitney is a great writer as well as an excellent hiker.

He wrote Hiking Las Vegas in 1997. This book was a great source of inspiration to many hikers in Southern NV. In addition, Branch Whitney is the author of four other hiking guidebooks.

He created Hiking Las Vegas because Branch wanted to help people who love hiking.

#5: Vegas Bright

Vegas Bright is a travel blog about news, tips, advice, reviews, suggestions or simply the interesting stories in Las Vegas of visitors and residents.

If you have been to Las Vegas, you also can share your experiences with Vegas Bright. Or after this remarkable trip, do not forget to write down some unforgettable memories in Sin City on this attractive blog!

#6: Las Vegas Monorail

To explore the whole Las Vegas Strip, you should spend time on reading some posts of Las Vegas Monorail.

You will not waste your time on traffic in Las Vegas Strip. Monorail suggests different plans for the most convenient and time-saving transportation for you.

Shopping, restaurants, entertainment, or lodging, all you can find on this blog.

#7: LasVegasJaunt

It is your key to get the best deals in Las Vegas!

Before choosing a suitable hotel, there are many features you need to consider such as room info and pictures, menu, location, entertaining activities, etc. LasVegasJaunt provides the detailed posts with interesting writing styles about this information.

#8: Pink Jeep Tours – Off-Road Adventures and Sightseeing Tours

You can find the safe and exciting tours or the challenging adventures by Pink Jeep Tours.

The breath-taking landscape in Sedona, the unforgettable experiences with the Grand Canyon, the luxurious and stunning beauty of Las Vegas, Pink Jeep Tours will fulfill your dream of discovery.

#9: Mark’s Las Vegas

I love this blog and its author. Mark is no doubt a Las Vegas expert.

Do not be afraid of listening to his opinion. His stories and the way he wrote and shared them will make a strong impression on readers.

Mark is not a local people, he always explores Las Vegas like a visitor. And, surely, it is a wonderful idea.

#10: Living Las Vegas – Real Life in the Shadow of the Strip

Unlike Mark, Living Las Vegas writes about the home, the real life of inhabitants here.

They are a group of writers who do not live in hotels. They share with us what Las Vegas is beyond the reputation. You will hardly find these fascinating stories on any other blogs.

#11: Just Vegas deal

As its name suggests, Just Vegas deal is one of the best sources for deals, travel tips or guides, and reviews.

Raymond Lau, the creator of Just Vegas deal, is an excellent deal hunter. Check out the hot deals before traveling to Las Vegas is a good idea.

#12: Lovely Las Vegas

When people describe Las Vegas, they often use these words like fabulous, luxurious, rich, etc.

But, how about another lovely and friendly side of Las Vegas?

Lovely Las Vegas will show you how Sin City is natural, unique and beautiful.

#13: We Know Vegas

Everything you need for your next trip to Vegas in on this blog.

The founders of We Know Vegas are a couple – Matt & Brandy. During 10 year living together, they have taken over 40 vacations to Las Vegas. They love this beautiful city and take great pleasure in sharing their experiences and suggestions with other travelers.

#14: Family Vacation Hub – Las Vegas | Family Vacation Ideas

If you opt for visiting Las Vegas with your family, this blog is written for you!

Family vacation Hub provides great recommendations of family activities, hotels, guides, restaurants, and so on in Las Vegas.

#15: LAS VEGAS DAZE by Diana

When reading Las Vegas Daze, you will feel an amazing enthusiasm of Diana.

Her talent lies in her writing style and the way she creates interesting contents. Her life and experiences will persuade you to travel to Las Vegas at least once in your life.

Over to you

You will not find any city like Las Vegas. It is a place of your wildest dream where you can live as yourself.

Do not forget to refer some travel blogs you like before visiting Las Vegas. Their helpful advice will make your vacation more memorable!

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