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Must-try Experiences In Las Vegas With Gambling and Beyond

Must-try Experiences In Las Vegas With Gambling and Beyond


Must-try Experiences In Las Vegas With Gambling and Beyond

There is no denying that Vegas is the city of sleepless clubhouses, endless parties with the presence of great celebrities.

Still, if you think that’s everything about Las Vegas, you are getting the wrong end of the stick.

More than a destination to relish the ultimate recreation, Vegas city is also a destination of distinctive culture and beautiful nature. Sightseeing in Vegas will blow your mind and give you a brand new perspective of Las Vegas. Let’s see what you should do to get that eye-opening experience.

Bet Your Luck At Some Of The World-renowned Casinos

Coming to Vegas, it would be a great mistake not to check in one of a multitude of casinos as this is, without a doubt, the soul of the city.

Down every single street here you can find a wide range of places for gambling. From the luxury Cromwell settled in the Strip to mid-tier fortune clubhouses in downtown Fremont Street, you can pick a suitable place to put your luck and money in.

There are a lot of games you can try. The ordinary poker seems comfortable and familiar while baccarat appears to be more complicated despite using the same card deck. Whether you have a huge or tight budget, you will find a game table that suits your wallet.

Though Las Vegas is famous for fame and affluence, you can still go for cheap Vegas holidays if you are looking closely.

Take An Air Tour Over The Grand Canyon

A Grand Canyon Trip From Vegas is an awe-inspiring experience if you choose a helicopter ride in Vegas. Traveling on the helicopter is not shared, and Las Vegas is among a few places which offer helicopter rides.

An air tour gives you an excellent opportunity to admire the whole Grand Canyon with 277 miles long. You can catch the sufficient flow of the Colorado River, the steep-sided rim of the stone mountains.

What’s more exciting? Some helicopter tours also pass by Hoover Dam, the sustainable electric source of Vegas and two more great states in the U.S.

Drive And Hike In Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Only around half an hour drive from the easternmost of Las Vegas, you can meet one of the most scenic landscapes in Vegas.

The most extraordinary thing of Red Rock Canyon is the brilliant red sandstone formations. From a far distance, the rocky mountain resembles a watercolor painting painted by Mother Nature. So, when you hit the road for The Red Rock Canyon, you can stop over once in a while to take a panoramic picture with the breathtaking mountains.

If sports and outdoor activities are your favorites, hiking the canyon will be such a reward. There are up to 30 trails for you to choose, so no matter how fit you are, how good your health condition is, you can pick up a challenging enough route to climb up.

Space Travel To Venice In A Gondola Ride

Have you ever seen a movie in which couples settle on a small boat, slowly paddling on a narrow waterway with Gothic-style buildings on both sides?

It is a normal thing to do in Venice, which is super romantic and poetic.

As the world paradise for tourism, Las Vegas has brought a part of Venice to The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, a high-end hotel and casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip. This replicate version is even more gorgeous with a lower level of visitors, allowing you to enjoy some peaceful moments on the boat.

Like the authentic Venice, there are some bridges and pathways across the waterline. The gondoliers dress up in the same costumes; they can even sing some Italian song at your request.

Admire The City From The High Roller

Widely known as a world record holder for the highest Ferris wheel to be constructed entirely, The High Roller reaches the highest point of 550 feet in around 15 minutes, and a whole ride on this observation wheel will take approximately 30 minutes.

Built in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, the bird-eye view from the High Roller is gorgeous in the morning with crystal sky full of sunlight; at night, it turns to a tranquil starry area reflecting the colorful neon lights of the busiest street in Vegas.

If you travel with your partner, riding the High Roller together will give you two some private and romantic moments. For special occasions or important events with your significant other, you can have a bartender prepare an iconic drink to celebrate right at the cabin.

Take A Photo With The Iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign

Although Vegas is a modern city, it’s not difficult to pass by a rustic corner where you get a nostalgic vibe of the long-gone days. An excellent place like that is the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” landmark.

Created in 1959 at the south end of the city, the sign remains the same design as the original version 70 years ago with the simple Western fonts highlighted by the old school red and blue color.

This landmark is 25 feet tall, so you can play some photo tricks to get a splendid picture without other tourists. We recommend you stop at the billboard on your way from the airport because it only takes several minutes.

So, the above mentioned are our top picked experiences that you shouldn’t turn your back on once you set your foot in Las Vegas.

Of course, there is a lot more sightseeing in Vegas, but these are the must-try on every trip. Also check out our recommendation for the best attractions and stay tuned because we will be back with more excitement in Las Vegas.

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