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10 Imposing Mountains to Delight Cheap Vegas Trips

10 Imposing Mountains to Delight Cheap Vegas Trips


10 Imposing Mountains to Delight Cheap Vegas Trips

Las Vegas gets the location in the Nevada Desert. People all over the world have heard about its vibrant nightlife at most. It offers travelers delicious cuisine, exciting casinos, and thrilling shows.

Imposing mountains in Las Vegas

But why don’t you take a break from the noisy entertainment? Try to enjoy cheap Vegas trips and explore impressive mountains of the “Sin City.”

In this article, I will take you to visit 10 of the many mountains in Las Vegas. I am sure that they will not disappoint you. Scenic views and natural landscapes will save you from exhausting working pace.

List of 10 fantastic mountains for cheap Vegas trips

Among the beautiful mountain ranges, some of them are in Las Vegas, and others are around the city. It will not be difficult for you to get there to enrich your cheap Vegas trips with nature.

Mount Charleston

The first recommendation to get away from bustling cities by cheap Las Vegas vacations on mountains is Mount Charleston.

Unlike Las Vegas with the sizzling temperatures, Mount Charleston owns a pleasant climate. Being a part of the Spring Mountains, it is a beautiful place for relaxation.

By ranking, the Mount Charleston gets the 5th position in the list of the tallest Nevada’s mountains. It is 11,908 feet in height and has a wide range of wildflower plants.

Potosi Mountain

Another high peak of the list is the Potosi Mountain. Its position is in the southwest from Las Vegas. Rugged cliffs along with complex ridges are things you will find here. A range of limestone cliffs surrounding three sides of the mountain is the thing that impresses me the most.

Moreover, there are many shelter caves in the mountain for relaxation. Though, please plan hiking trips there in the spring or winter. The weather in these seasons is not wet and slippery. So, it is safe enough for you to go hiking.

Black Mountain

The Black Mountain is a part of the McCullough Range.

Visitors typically come here for hiking. The mountain offers hikers a short 6.8-mile trail and opportunity to see much wildlife. You should plan your cheap Vegas vacations with the Black Mountain between September and May. During these months, the weather is superb for an adventure into nature.

Frenchman Mountains

Another famous mountain I love to refer to is the French Mountain. It is an ideal place for hiking. With the French Mountain, you have a chance of completing a 4.4-mile trail.

Frenchman Mountain

The mountain is in the North from Las Vegas. It is a big shelter of numerous natural wildflowers. The route for trekking in the French Mountains is available all year round.

But I highly recommend all seasons except for the summer. Since the weather is extremely hot with more than 100°F. You can merely find any shade and water.

Muddy Mountains

Among mountains of the Clark County region, the Muddy Mountains are the largest ones. It often takes you one driving hour from Las Vegas center to get there. The Muddy is always the top choice to explore the Nevada unbridled nature.

From the mountains, you can see the Lake Mead expansively. This area is typical for minerals and types of rock. Besides, the water action contributes to a beautiful 600-foot canyon. Plus, you also take a stunning view of the Mojave Desert from the Muddy Mountains.

Sunrise Mountains

When you plan a trip to Vegas with a tight budget, don’t forget stunning daybreak views on the Sunrise Mountains.

The mountain range belongs to the Clark Country. It is in the east from the Nellie Air Force Base, Las Vegas city. Standing on the top of them, you can admire a perfect scene when the sun rises. It is also the origin of the name Sunrise Mountains.

There are not many people climbing in this range, but it can offer you a broad view. From the Sunrise Mountains, you can see the Frenchman Mountain.

La Madre Range

On the Red Canyon backdrops, they are the stunning cliffs called the La Madre Range. Visiting the range, you will admire a great blend of rugged cliffs and steep canyons.

I regard it as a typical example of basin formations. They own elevations ranging from 3,600 to 9,600 in height. These elevations are not the same, of course. And their differences result in the growth of various vegetation form.

River Mountains

For those who love outdoor family activities very much, the River Mountains in Las Vegas are worth trying.

Along with the mountain range, there is a large number of trailheads. All of them are perfect for hiking opportunities.

The design of the River Mountain loop trail is mainly suitable for activities such as walking and hiking. Plus, the maintenance works well with multiple access points throughout the wilderness area. So, it is more convenient for you to enjoy the loop trail.

Wilson Cliffs

The state of Nevada has a conservation area called the Red Canyon. And Wilson Cliffs, which is a beautiful geological formation, belongs to this place. For years, the Keystone Thrust has formed the cliff. With fantastic sandstone beds, it becomes a familiar adventure spot near Las Vegas.

Wilson Cliffs

Most visitors find it challenging to hike to the top of Wilson Cliffs, but if you can, a stunning vintage view is waiting ahead.

McCullough Range

In the south of Las Vegas, it is the McCullough Range. People rank it as one of the most prominent mountains of Nevada state.

There are two different ranges of McCullough. One is the volcanic origin, and the other is more expansive. This mountain is a prominent wildlife home of many species. The most common one here is Rattlesnakes. As you climb to the top, you will see all the steps you have done.


It is not much of a challenging thing to plan cheap Vegas trips. Beside the signature nightlight that most travelers love to enjoy, beautiful mountains are also worth visiting.

You and your family or friends can take chances of hiking, trekking, and talking together in the charming nature. If you have already tried this perfect sightseeing in Vegas, don’t forget to share with me your feelings

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