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What Are Places To Visit Near Las Vegas By Car?

What Are Places To Visit Near Las Vegas By Car?


What Are Places To Visit Near Las Vegas By Car?

Las Vegas is famous for casino and bars. But it doesn’t mean that you can only stay time in those places, there are a lot of amazing destinations out there for you to visit.

They are all cheap Vegas getaways; you don’t have to book or pay for anything. What you need is just a car to hit the road.

The best schedule for you: leaving the hotel in the early morning, dropping by several beautiful areas, and then coming back to the city before Vegas shows start.

Reasons why visiting places outside of Vegas by car is a great idea

Las Vegas is a unique city in the world. The dreamlike city in the desert brings visitors dreams and great experiences with glorious shows, clubs, restaurant, shopping malls, etc.

However; not all people feel satisfied after their holidays in this city. My first visit to Vegas was a failure. The glitz and lights are not enough the keep me even though I’m a fan of the city.

The point is no matter how great the shows or clubs are; you may want to get out of the city one day to get a whiff of nature during your holiday, especially long holidays.

Now let’s see what are places to visit near Las Vegas by car?


The Valley Of Fire State Park

This is probably the best suggestion on this list. The Valley of Fire State Park is one-hour driving from Las Vegas, and it is one of the best places for trailing. It is considered a must-try in almost Grand Canyon excursions from Vegas.

The beautiful red rock formations are the perfect background for everyone’s trails. Moreover, you can also spot sheep when hitting your trails.

The weather is the only thing we need to mind about this fantastic destination because the gap in temperature between the summer and the winter is big. You may not want to experience the extreme heat or cold during the harsh time there.

You should go to the park’s website to check the details about trail tours in advance. Here is the website for you: http://parks.nv.gov/parks/valley-of-fire.


Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is just 40 minutes driving from the center of the city. Tour Hoover Dam is one of a must-try Vegas dam tour for every tourist coming to the city.

A standard guided tour costs $15 per person. But if you want to see the parts of Hoover Dam in details, you need to pay $30 per person for a more comprehensive tour.

Or you also can drive and visit around this huge edifice yourselves.

Some suggestions for you: the old Hoover, Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.


Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a vast water reservoir which is also very close to the city, around 40 minutes self-driving to the east.

Boating, obviously, is the most popular activity in this traveling destination. You can drop by the Hemenway Harbor near Boulder City to rent a boat first, then arrive at the lake and enjoy your boating. Water skis and kneeboards are also good ideas.

Most of the visitors may only think of water-related activities when coming to the Lake Mead, yet hiking trails are also fascinating too. Most of the trails are just short, but the scenes will not disappoint you.


Bonnie Springs Ranch

Another 40-minute-away place for you: the Bonnie Springs Ranch with the taste of the Wild West.

There are a handful of lively activities related to the Western Old Town here like the shooting, live performances on the streets, visiting the zoo, or riding horses. There is also a restaurant nearby which serves delicious bison burgers.

Just one thing to mind: Bonnie Springs Ranch is open only five days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday.


Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a national conservation area which is less than one hour driving from Vegas to the west. This is also a genuinely excellent hiking area.

You just need to check for weather before driving there because if the weather is not right, especially when it is too hot, what you can do is driving around and enjoy the scenic sights.

Other things which need checking in advance are road condition and opening hours. The website https://www.redrockcanyonlv.org/ will help you with this.


The Mount Charleston

You may not think that Las Vegas is related with some snowcapped mountain peak, but the fact is just less-than-one-hour driving to the west from the city will take you to the Charleston Peak area, one of the highest peaks in Nevada.

If you travel to this place is the winter, obviously, it will snow up there, which makes the scene is just marvelous. Don’t miss this place during your Vegas trips in December.

A hike upon such a beautiful peak will definitely impress you and make your holiday in Vegas much more valuable.


The Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson is a little local Western town that was established for gold mining in the Eldorado Mountains. You just need less than one hour to get there. The detailed instruction is included in this website: http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/nv/nelson.html.

Despite its name, there are still a few people living in the Nelson Town. Yet the old machines and buildings in the town always attract a lot of visitors, which makes it one the list of best Vegas tours.

Besides visiting the ghost town, you can also drop by and take a look at the Techatticup Mine which is just nearby Nelson and is usually combined with the Nelson Ghost Town in the guided tours.


Las Vegas is not only about neons but is located close to many beautiful places in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Thus, don’t just waste your precious Las Vegas tours by only spending time inside the cities. You need to take short day trips from Las Vegas see how beautiful it is out there.

I hope our list of places to visit near Las Vegas by car will help your holidays worthier and more memorable. Have a nice trip to Vegas.

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