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Reveal 7 Things Not To Do In Las Vegas

Reveal 7 Things Not To Do In Las Vegas


Reveal 7 Things Not To Do In Las Vegas

Delightful Las Vegas

Las Vegas, or Sin City, is the heaven for promising excitement, entertainment, fortune, and fame. It is famous for incredible gaming, spectacular shows, excellent restaurant and so much more!

When it comes to traveling to Sin City, you must have a list of things to experience here. However, it is equally important to know what is frowned upon in this city.

Following are 7 must-have things on your list.

Walking the Vegas Strip in high heels

Strolling along the Vegas Strip in stilettos might be every girl’s dream; however, walking 3 miles in  those tight and uncomfortable shoes will be a real nightmare.

Yes. You will have to walk approximately 3-4 miles to finish the whole Vegas Strip. So be prepared for the long distance and wear something comfortable instead.

High heels are not a good choice here

If you want to show up in a nightclub in  sparkly stilettos, but you have to walk a long way from your hotel, a good tip  is to bring along a pair of roll-up flats. You can put them  in your bag after changing shoes.

The “sad ending” for those who are not aware of this is walking around barefoot and may even hurt themselves then.


Jaywalking is crossing the street in the middle and not at the intersections meant for  pedestrians. It is considered wrong almost everywhere, also in Las Vegas.

The real problem is that jaywalking is even considered illegal here. You will be fined  (minimum fee  is $350) if you’re caught by a bicycle cop. Moreover, the streets in this city are always dense with traffic, so taking shortcuts by jaywalking is extremely dangerous.

Sometimes it can be a little tempting, yet the advice is never taking the risk by jaywalking in Las Vegas.

Buying bottled water from street vendors

While walking along Las Vegas streets, especially the Strip, you will run into at least one vendor selling bottled water from a portable cooler.

You are tired and feel hot because of walking, especially in the summer, and you want to buy cold bottled water but the advice for you is DON’T.

You may not know, but those vendors are unlicensed, and selling there is illegal.

Besides the license matter, this water has been found unsafe. Many sellers repackage the bottles and fill them with tap water for  tourists. And of course, they don’t follow any safety protocol.

If you are thirsty, you can go to any convenience stores along the street where you can buy cold water at a reasonable price.

Using casino ATMs

Casino ATMs will charge you a high cost

The fee for services in Las Vegas is really high, including casino ATM fee.

Withdrawing cash from a casino ATM might look very convenient, but it comes with an insane price. The cost can be from $3.50 to $6.00 (depend on which casino) which is as expensive as a nice drink from the bar.

If you want to get a big amount of money, the fee is acceptable. But it will be a different story if you’re going to get only $25 for a meal or drink.

You can save yourself by preparing enough cash before coming to Las Vegas or withdrawing cash from a local Bank of America or Wells Fargo.

Showing you’re a newbie to Las Vegas

If you tell people that you have never been to Las Vegas before and act like a newbie, you will pay much more than usual for everything. This is a service city.

Taxi is a typical example. The  drivers here may ask you if you have been to Las Vegas before – remember to say YES! It’s even better if you tell the driver that you know the way to your hotel and you are mapping it on your phone.

If you tell them you don’t know your way around, they will drive the long way around andthe taxi fares will skyrocket

One useful note not to get long-hauled is that don’t let the taxi run through the I-215 tunnel from the McCarran airport. Remember that this is never the shortest route to any hotel in the Las Vegas Strip.

Showing up to a nightclub without following the dress code

The nightclub is one of the most important icons in this Sin City and most of the tourists visit at least one during their stay. There is only one thing to notice is that you should show up to nightclub properly dressed.

The reason is that most of the nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip have a dress code. You have to follow some general guidelines like no baseball hats, sunglasses, athletic shoes, torn jeans, etc.

If you decide to challenge  their dress code, the doorman has the right to stop you at the entry and call security to remove you.

So check the dress code of the club and follow it or you may have to return to the hotel and change your clothes.

Buying show tickets with their face value

Finding discounted tickets to save a lot of money

There are many amazing shows in Las Vegas every day so it will be miserable if you spend your vacation in this city without attending any of them.

However, you should be careful when buying the ticket. Don’t spend too much money on expensive tickets at the box office. It is a big mistake.

Not only tickets of shows but also tickets of attractions, nightclubs or restaurant, etc., actually have two prices: the face value and the market price.

You can get the tickets at a reasonable price online. If you are lucky enough you can buy  discounted ones. Remember to book them quickly before they are sold out.

An amazing place to buy tickets is the official website of the city; they have all kinds of tickets of tickets at a fantastic price.

In Conclusion

Las Vegas is considered by many people to be one of the world’s most fun and memorable cities. Many people come back home after the vacation here with amazing stories; however, some ruin their great time here due to  silly mistakes.

Be a smart traveler  and understand the dos and don’ts to make your time in Las Vegas perfect. We hope our pieces of advice can help.

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