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9 Secrets That The Las Vegas Casinos Never Wants You To Know

9 Secrets That The Las Vegas Casinos Never Wants You To Know


9 Secrets That The Las Vegas Casinos Never Wants You To Know

The casino is not only a gathering place for gamblers, but it is also a place where you can interact with many people from the upper class such as tycoon, entrepreneur, and so on. So there is no shortage of business negotiations that will take place in the casino.

Casinos in Las Vegas

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However, you cannot ignore the fact that the casinos are there to entertain you and try to steal your money from you. Therefore, whether it is the largest Casino in the best Vegas tours, casino corona, or 5-star hotel-casino, there are many business secrets that casinos never want players to know.

“The House always wins”

There are many package deals to Las Vegas that contain a visit to the luxurious casinos. However, it is not designed for your financial benefit.  According to Sal – an expert in the field of gambling, used to be a dealer and bodyguard in casinos for a long time, some games in the casino are installed to cheat. “Many games are designed so that players can’t win. That’s why you need to recognize them and stay away from these games.”

At the top of this list, according to Sal, are Three-card Poker, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud, Blackjack Flip Open, and Double Exposure Blackjack. These games appeal to players because it gives you the feeling that you will get bigger payout than the other games. However, the players often lose more than they can win in those matches.

There are some “friendly” games

Derk Boss, a casino security expert in Nevada, USA, said: “There are games that give you more chances to win. It’s a game that requires players to have a great strategy, and you can learn it. These games do not guarantee you will win, but it gives you more opportunities to win and reduces the advantage of the dealer. ”

The casinos often do not have windows and watches

“Simply because they don’t want customers to be distracted about time,” Sal said. Without a window, the clock will help to keep the guests staying longer to gamble because they will not know how much time they have spent in the casino.

Free food and drink

Many casino visitors are very happy about the food and drinks here for free. “They give you a $20 worth of buffé, while you donate $200 for them by losing the card,” Sal said. Remember that “The House always wins”.

Casino staff may steal

Usually, if the dealers cheat at cards, they will be arrested at the table immediately. Some other casinos are more delicate; they will call the staff to the office and have a private conversation about their cheating.

According to Fox News, employees at casinos receive low wages, sometimes only slightly above the minimum wage. Therefore, most of their wages depend on tips from customers. If the tips are not enough, the dealers may be instigated to steal.

Security, bodyguards in the casinos always watch you

“We can observe all your behavior everywhere you go, except toilets and hotel rooms,” said a casino security monitoring expert in Nevada, USA.

Casinos security guard

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Casinos often use surveillance systems to search for scammers who aim to steal money from tourists. This camera system can track your movements throughout the whole time you spend in the casino. The security supervisor can even zoom into each of your cards to prevent fraud.

If you win more than $15000, you will be under careful supervision

“When someone wins a lot of money, they will always be carefully checked by us,” Derk said. Security will do a review of the person who just won. They will review video games to detect fraud.

However, you don’t need to worry because the casino staff only does everything to detect fraud. If you do not violate, they will never bother you. So if you want to try to gamble with your friend in Las Vegas for the first time, you can book cheap Vegas trips for 2 and try your luck.

The secret to detecting suspicious people

Security teams at casinos are often well trained to identify customers’ tricks. They closely monitor the behavior of guests. Here are some strange signs that may make you become a cheating suspect in the casino.

The two men sit close together

Derk said that two blackjack players on the same table rarely sat close to each other, especially when the tables were empty. “Women can, but men will not sit like that.”

You play strangely

“If someone bets $100, suddenly a person in the table puts up to $10,000, then it is a sign to watch,” Derk said. That indicates people who put up $10,000 have suspicious signs, or they get some information.

The players are not focused

“If someone is sitting playing with the poker machine, without concentration but looking around to look for a security officer, he is a suspicious person. A regular card player will focus on the machine and don’t want to be bothered by anyone “.

Where the casinos pay the least attention to the players

When entering a casino, you will usually be observed, closely monitored by cameras and employees. However, the players in the poker room will not get much supervision from the staff.

According to Derk, there are some reasons for this. Firstly, this game does not earn too much money. Secondly, the players are always alert and closely monitor their opponents. If they find suspicious people, they will inform the dealer. Therefore, there is little room for the players to cheat.

There are many cheap flights to Vegas today so that you can easily come here to gamble in the most luxurious casinos in the world. In the best Vegas tours, casinos are often combined with many other entertainment complexes such as hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, amusement parks, marinas and so on. Therefore you can easily immerse yourself at the casino. Remember these secrets and try to control yourself before entering the casinos so that you will not be bankrupt when coming out.

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