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3 Best Las Vegas Hotels & Resorts (You Are Even Likely to Meet Celebrities There)

3 Best Las Vegas Hotels & Resorts (You Are Even Likely to Meet Celebrities There)


3 Best Las Vegas Hotels & Resorts

(You Are Even Likely to Meet Celebrities There)

C’mon, do not be so mean to yourself when taking trips to Las Vegas.

This might be a once-in-a-life chance that you must enjoy the most. I mean, if possible, you should stay in the most opulent hotels or resorts and experience Sin City like a king (or queen)! More exciting news, you do not have to break a bank providing that you know several best Vegas hotel deals.

I will share some tips on hotel booking, but first, check out Top 3 Las Vegas Hotels & Resorts!

Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas

I still remember how impressed I was when first catching the sign of Palms Casino Resort in the film Real World: Las Vegas (2002). While Michael Phelps was going wild in the hotel’s nightclub, I was excited about the neo-retro flourishes of the Palms resort.

Now that I have stayed in Palms Casino Resort several times, I know why it is so hot and popular among A-list celebrities.

What I like about this resort:

  • More than 700 sleek rooms updated with the newest technologies so you can expect the most comfortable experience.
  • A bunch of clubs, especially the 24-hour casino. But a gamble for fun, not too seriously, will you?
  • Two pool complexes wide enough for your pool party or simply, for your relaxation.
  • Casual and upscale cuisine ready to serve at all times. My favorite restaurant is Mabel’s BBQ with a half-pound plate of smoked meat. Only around $20 for one pop – such the best Vegas hotel deals.

What I don’t like about the Palm resort     

  • The distance to other casinos and hotels. The Palm Hotel Resort is good fun, but I also want to try other attractions. The Palm is located miles to the west of the strip, so I have to take some costly cab ride.
  • Long walks between the towers and clubs. There are days that you will not want to walk under the sweltering weather, even for a few minutes.

Encore At Wynn Las Vegas

As the latest signature resort under the Wynn collection, Encore complements are equipped with a repertoire of accommodations of over 2,000 rooms, top ultra-chic clubs, bars, culinary offerings, as well as leisure activities.

Most excitingly, there are two regular shows hosted by top DJs and famous artists in the world.

Believe it or not,

You might catch a sign of Lionel Richie singing Hello right at your back seat.

Charming and luxury space to enjoy music

Highlights of Encore At Wynn Las Vegas

  • The Encore Beach Club featuring music show at night and adult pool parties in the daytime that nobody, especially the 20s, wants to miss.
  • The spacious suites that are both cozy and technically-advanced with free internet, adjoining rooms, premium channels, and more.
  • Award-winning restaurants by Forbes and famous travelers. The dining options are flexible from Asian to European countries.

Disadvantages of the Encore hotel

  • Many customers complain about unhelpful staff. Actually, I had an awful experience with the security department. Thank goodness, the managers were thoughtful and enthusiastic to solve my problem quickly. Anyway, the Encore hotel should improve the service and the front desk crew a lot more.
  • Some services are overpriced. Honestly, some are unexpected well-serviced at affordable prices, while some do not meet my expectations at all but still caused massive damage to my wallet.

The Venetian

To tell the truth, every corner of Las Vegas is adventurous, especially the Las Vegas themed hotels. Among the best-known themed hotels and resorts, I strongly recommend the Venetian. From its name, you can already get the idea of its inspiration, right?

Exactly! The hotel looks like a small romantic Italy.

Venice in Sin City

4 loves about the Venetian, Las Vegas

  • Romantic corridors make a reputation for the Venetian hotel. Who doesn’t love riding along the river and seeing the night lights of Vegas?
  • There is also an elaborate system of canals, singing gondoliers and gondolas throughout the lobby and casinos. It creates an impression of Italian opulence.
  • Generously-sized rooms that feature restaurants, suites, bars, and gondolas, oversized and pillowtop king bed, etc.
  • Nearly a dozen of refreshing pools are available at all times around the campus of the hotel, so feel free to take a dip – especially on the summer hottest days.

2 dislikes about the Venetian, Las Vegas

  • The hotel is huge and well-decorated. However again, the horrible staff breaks all ideal experiences.
  • This is definitely not the best Vegas hotel deals for a tight budget. Since it is iconic, tickets and services are more expensive than many other hotels.

Anyway, good to try at least once!

Tips for The Best Vegas Hotel Deals

Do not expect to pay very little to enjoy 5-star hospitality experiences. However, there is also no need to break your bank for the several-day journey. Get your traveling book out and take some notes so that you can invest in Las Vegas flight and hotel the most economical way.

  • Travel between Mid-July through August – the best time for bargains

This period is the peak of summer when it is sizzling hot. However, there are lots of ticket discounts for both planes and hotels. So grab the chance to enjoy the top-starred hotel at a surprisingly low price.

Try to get up early and join some outdoor activities during the early morning and at night. In the afternoon, you can head to indoor attractions or nearby mountains to get away from the 90s temperature out there.

  • Search here and there before jumping to any reservation

Be patient and look up as much information about cheap rooms in Vegas as possible. Search online and make an extra call if necessary.

It might save you a bundle.

Also, compare the rates at different hotels. Take location into account. You had better know that the hotels in the center of the strip often costs more.

  • Avoid weekends when booking your hotel

Las Vegas is far more affordable in the middle of the week, especially on a Tuesday night.  Whereas, the reservations and dining tables are hard to come by at the weekends.

The room might cost you three to four times as much as that in the weekdays.

  • Book rooms at last minutes to grab the best Vegas hotel deals

Experienced travelers to Las Vegas often do not book their hotel until there are about one or two days ahead of time.

Always try to contact the hotels directly instead of hiring a traveling agency. It is likely that others have just canceled their bookings and the hotels want to fill their empty rooms as soon as possible. Hence, they usually drop their prices to accommodate you.

Though be careful,  in the peak season, the vacant rooms are out in a fly.

Wrap It Up

There are bunches of best Vegas hotel deals available as long as you spend more time on searching. Take our recommendations into account, and we wish you a pleasant trip to Las Vegas.

If you have any further questions, just let me know at the comment box!

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