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11 Do’s and Don’ts For a Successful Travel to Las Vegas

11 Do’s and Don’ts For a Successful Travel to Las Vegas


11 Do’s and Don’ts For a Successful Travel to Las Vegas

Located in the Nevada desert, Las Vegas is a center of entertainment. Here, hotels, casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants open all days and nights. Most tourists share that they would love to come here to see performances, participate in unique and special events.

In short, Las Vegas is a great experience that we must try at least once in our lives. Now, we are talking about what you should and should not do when reaching the non-sleep city.

#1: Take time to find the right hotel

There are many hotels in Las Vegas. Choosing the right one is always not easy.

You have three ways to choose a hotel:

  1. Choose the cheapest one (Maybe, you will never want to do this).
  2. Surf the travel forums and check out the opinions of many people who have stayed.
  3. Study our map with the list below

I will divide Las Vegas into three zones as shown:

Las Vegas is divided into 3 zones

(Source: https://www.luavietours.com/las-vegas-hoa-le-news648.html)

Zone 1 (green): in the center and the best area among three zones. This is the most crowded place, the most vibrant nightlife and of course the best hotels in the city.

Zone 2 (yellow): there are still a number of high-class hotels and entertainment places but a bit far from the center of Las Vegas. Overall, this is still a good option if you are not afraid to walk a lot.

Zone 3 (red): located at the outer edge of Las Vegas and has very few travel services. Don’t choose zone 3.

If you go to Vegas for the first time, I strongly recommend staying at the hotels in Zone 1.

Let’s jump right in, you should choose the following hotels:

  • The Cosmopolitan: if you are under 35 and willing to pay for luxury services.
  • The Bellagio: if you’re over 35 and willing to pay for luxury services.
  • The Flamingo: affordable, if you don’t want to exceed the budget.

And if you find a hotel on travel sites that says “off the strip”, do not select those places because it will be far at least 6 kilometers from the center.

#2: Don’t be in the Strip for your whole trip

Although your destination is Las Vegas, do not just go around the city. Hoover Dam and Mead Leak are amazing places if you want to escape from the lively and noisy atmosphere. Be far about 35 miles from the city, the Dam has a bow arch shape with a height of 726 feet.

Hoover Dam and Mead Lake are the most significant construction of America in the 20th century

(Source: https://photo-2-baomoi.zadn.vn/w1000_r1/2018_07_25_188_27026032/da9a3a9a24dbcd8594ca.jpg)

It links two mountains and crosses more than nine trillion gallons of water in Mead Lake – America’s largest reservoir formed when the dam was built in 1920. This place attracts millions of visitors every year.

If you step on Hoover Dam, do not miss Grand Canyon. You should spend about a day for the trip because the distance between Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam is 250 miles. So, the tour takes about 14 hours.

#3: Have a luxury meal

Las Vegas has a lot of bars and restaurants. If money is not a problem, you should enter a luxury place and enjoy expensive food. Some famous restaurants are Kitchen Table, Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Craftsteak or Nobhill, etc.

Pancake with Foie gras is a specialty in Kitchen Table

(Source: https://cdn.tuoitre.vn/thumb_w/586/2018/3/21/banh-kep-phu-gan-ngong-la-mon-noi-tieng-o-kitchen-tableanh-food-tripper-1521622047921571485042.jpg)

Furthermore, Las Vegas is named “Non-sleep city”. So, bars and clubs emerge everywhere. For example, Unwind in Mandalay Bay, Palms, or clubs like Playboy Club and The Moon are great choices.

#4: Don’t have dinner at peak time

In Las Vegas, the heaviest dinner time is from 6 PM to 8 PM. If possible, you should eat between 5 – 5.30 PM or 8 – 9 PM. Seriously, the situation is more confused in Buffet dinner at the peak time. Of course, your dinner time is not flexible in some cases, but you should avoid it as much as possible.

#5: Visit Shark Reef Aquarium

Located at the Mandalay Bay, Shark Reef Aquarium displays a variety of unique marine creatures like sharks, sea turtles, and crocodiles, rays, and even Komodo dragons.  The entrance ticket is only $16.

We feel as to be in the middle of the ocean while entering Shark Reef Aquarium

(Source: https://cache-graphicslib.viator.com/graphicslib/thumbs674x446/5156/SITours/shark-reef-at-mandalay-bay-hotel-and-casino-in-las-vegas-730280.jpg)

#6: Don’t take a taxi on the Strip

According to drivers, taxis are not allowed to stop on the Strip. Most of them have been charged before. The best way is to go to the nearest hotel with a taxi park. They are waiting for you there.

What is more, Vegas taxi drivers are always looking for ways to increase taxi prices by extending your route. To avoid being overcharged, you should display the map on your mobile devices. Make sure the driver has seen you do it.

Also, do not pay taxi by credit card. It automatically charges you $3 of service fee if you pay by card. Instead of spending money unreasonably, it is best to pay in cash.

Pay taxi in cash instead of credit card

(Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Las_Vegas_taxi.jpg)

#7: Do bring along a jacket, water, and sunglasses

Las Vegas was founded in 1905 in the desert. The weather is dry around a year. To avoid the strong sunshine, a light jacket, water, and sunglasses are unnecessary in your bag.

#8: Don’t miss out the shows

Cirque du Soleil is not only the best circus troupe in the region but is also in the top of the world. Many performers are used to be the Olympic athletes. In addition, their costumes are carefully prepared, so the audiences always feel fresh and unexpected.

Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas


#9: Take advantages of coupons

Coupon is considered a type of money in Las Vegas. The casino will give you vouchers if you register for playing cards. It is very various, for example, you can get one free when buying two meals at a certain restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip highway.

#10: Don’t forget your camera

A camera is an indispensable thing for your trip. You can record memories and beautiful scenes. In addition, you should bring your charger and a replaced battery if you want your camera to work throughout the journey.

#11: Relax in Spa

Besides a large number of casinos and nightclubs, it is not hard to find a relaxing destination. The city is proud to own many of America’s leading spas like Canyon Ranch in Venetian or Bellagio.


It is said that coming to Las Vegas is the right decision to enjoy your life. Although Las Vegas can be a complicated place for first-time visitors, you can control everything even on the first day. We hope that our suggestion is helpful to you. Have a nice trip!

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