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10 Pinterest Accounts Every Las Vegas Traveler Should Follow from Now

10 Pinterest Accounts Every Las Vegas Traveler Should Follow from Now


10 Pinterest Accounts Every Las Vegas Traveler Should Follow from Now

Known as one of the world’s adult playgrounds, Las Vegas has attracted millions of visitors from all around the world. If you are a traveler at heart, Las Vegas is one of the places that you should visit at least once in your life.

Here we have come up with a list of some interesting Pinterest accounts you should follow when planning a trip to Las Vegas. Let’s dig deeper to see what is in it.

Interesting Pinterest Accounts to Follow Right Away

Before we start, there are a few things we would like to add on. When it comes to popular social media, Instagram and Facebook seem like two of the first names on the list.

Those are cool. However, Pinterest is also one of the best places to search for amazing places to visit. We have done some research and found out that it has up to 70 billion users. Isn’t that incredible?

So, without further ado,  here comes the top 10 Pinterest accounts where you can find travel inspiration, especially to Las Vegas – one of the coolest places in the world.

Avenly Lane Lifestyle

Avenly Lane is a travel enthusiast who has shared many interesting things on Pinterest for women. Her posts may go from fashion inspirations, latest fashion trends, outfit choices, beauty tips to travel inspiration.

One of her popular boards about Las Vegas is “14 Unique Things to Do in Las Vegas”.

Well, you better grab your note right away because what she mentioned in the board is completely fascinating and interesting to follow!

The Points Guy

The second name in our list is The Points Guy. This is the Pinterest account that any travel enthusiast should follow right away. It contains lots of tips from choosing flights, hotels and some other travel-related things to how to have the perfect travel experience.

With lots of boards on Pinterest, not only can you find suggestions for your Las Vegas trip, but for other destinations as well. There is a wide variety of mesmerizing pictures of different places in the world.

Meg – Frost + Sun

If you are going to visit Las Vegas on a pretty tight budget, well, we’ve got you. Meg – Frost + Sun is a place where you can find tips to travels within a budget.

Meg is an adventurer at heart who has been to many different places. Unlike other people on social media, Meg shares primarily how to travel affordably yet make the most out of the trip.

Creative Travel Guide

Although Las Vegas is well-known for being a place for the rich, it does not mean you cannot visit it for free.

Creative Travel Guide has made a list of some activities you can do that cost nothing when visiting Las Vegas. If you are tied by budgetary concerns, you know where to tap into.

The Wanderful Traveler

Coming up next is The Wanderful Traveler, a Canadian travel blogger. She is currently living in the Okanagan – a wine valley of British Columbia.

If you are a foodie and you love trying cuisines from different cultures in the world, then follow this account right away!

The Wanderful Traveler posts lots of boards about food in popular destinations in the world. One of the most recently updated boards about Las Vegas is “The three best Las Vegas breakfast to-go, to-stay & buffet”. Sounds cool, right?

Samantha Brown

Samantha is a television host and a mom to twins. Any idea on what to expect on her board about Las Vegas?

If you are thinking of food and drinks, then you’re right! Samantha gives you some suggestions of places you must visit to have the best food and drinks in Las Vegas. This is an incredibly useful board for whoever about to go to LV!

In Between Pictures

“Where to visit when in Las Vegas, especially when you do not gamble?” We have received questions like this many times and finally, we can show you where to find the answer.

Las Vegas is not just about gambling. So, what’s in it? In Between Pictures has created a list of things to do if you are not interested in gambling. Life at Las Vegas is still so much fun without casinos and parties, right?

The Belle Voyage

But wait!

Have you created your itinerary for the trip? If not, then let us show you where you can search for a perfect one.

The Belle Voyage crafts a perfect itinerary for those who have never been to such a city as Las Vegas.

Also, you can find lots of fashion tips on The Belle Voyage. Such a great place to dig deeper!

Placing Stars

Las Vegas is filled with lots of activities, so how do you know what you should do, especially when your time is limited?

Placing Stars will lead you through all must-do activities when in Las Vegas. The most popular board about Las Vegas of the author is “24 hours in Las Vegas for First Timers”, which shows The Bellagio fountains, the roof-top, and so much more.

Red Around the World

The last Pinterest account we want to show you is Red Around the World. Just as the title suggests, the red-headed author is a part-time travel blogger who has spent lots of time on road trips.

Basically, she will show you seven magic mountains to visit when in Las Vegas. Pay a visit and enjoy the artwork before you leave.

Bottom Words,

Above are some cool Pinterest accounts you may want to check out on when planning a trip to Vegas. We hope that the information from these experienced travelers will give you an idea on how to have the time of your life in Las Vegas.


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