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Top 6 Fascinating Destination For Sightseeing In Vegas

Top 6 Fascinating Destination For Sightseeing In Vegas


Top 6 Fascinating Destination For Sightseeing In Vegas

Located in the desert of Clark County, Nevada State, it is no exaggeration to say that Las Vegas is America’s Sleepless City. Visitors to Las Vegas often share the same feeling: there is no boundary between day and night here.

As a diligent worker, and never out of a spiral of profit, only one “sleeping” night will cause Las Vegas to lose millions of dollars in revenue from casinos, gaming machines as well as services from restaurants or hotels. So, if you intend to visit this relaxing paradise without knowing where to go, continue to scroll down to discover ten seductive places for sightseeing in Vegas.


Las Vegas is an ideal destination after months of hard work Source: https://hoodline.com/2019/05/exploring-the-best-of-las-vegas-with-cheap-flights-from-pittsburgh

Bellagio Fountain

The Las Vegas Bellagio was carefully invested with a capital of over $ 40 million. It is the premier entertainment venue in Las Vegas. If you choose one of the best Vegas tours there, you will have the opportunity to admire the whimsical beauty of Bellagio fountain.

With 24 artificial faucets in the lake operating continuously, Bellagio is magnanimous with sound and light creating a harmonious space and impressive musical performances. Many talented choreographers have “shone” here with unique performances such as One, Luck Be A Lady and Viva Las Vegas. Many tourists admit they set a round trip to Vegas right after seeing the romantic images of this place on the Internet.


A romantic setting in the bustling city / Source:


Grand Canyon

Visitors want to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy peaceful moments far away from the bustling city, don’t forget to visit the Grand Canyon. This place is not only the most famous and attractive tourist destination in Las Vegas but also a natural wonder created for natural lovers. After seeing breathtaking photos of this place, I’m sure you’ll want to check out flights to Vegas Nevada immediately.

Grand Canyon is recognized as one of the seven most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world with a length of 446 km and more than 1.6 km deep. Grand Canyon trip from Vegas takes nearly three hours by bus. The road is steep, but it will give you an exclusive view of this magnificent place. When you reach a mountain top and admire the surrounding sceneries, you will see the mountain as a dark red color and gradually turn to the eye-catching purple when the sun sets.


This majestic nature is waiting for you to explore / Source:


Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is one of the ideal tourist destinations that make you want to book a trip to Vegas. For nearly a century, the largest dam in the US has attached itself to the milestone of Lake Mead and Colorado River.

This mind-blowing dam connects three states of California and Arizona, Nevada, with concrete pillars above 200m high, and firm observatory. Upon arrival here, visitors can take in the panoramic view of the magnificent Colorado River and Lake Mead.


A perfect place for nature sightseeing that you can’t miss / Source:


The Wynn

The Wynn is the largest casino belonging to the Wynn Resort in the lighting capital Las Vegas. It has an area of up to 87 hectares with all 45 floors. Not only is it a luxury resort, but The Wynn also integrates entertainment with extraordinarily modern and vigorous casinos every night.

Coming to this fascinating entertainment paradise in the heart of Las Vegas, not only can you try your luck on casinos, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional music such as Le Reve – The Dream. Moreover, you can soak up the bustling atmosphere and enjoy high-quality American wine cups. Even for people who can only afford cheap Vegas holidays, you should also visit here once in your life.

It is one of the most spectacular casinos in the world / Source:


Fremont Street

Located in the heart of this city, Fremont Street is a pedestrian zone with an area of five blocks. It is an old Vegas place that meets modern technology. On the background of the Sin City’s neon signs, you’ll see live bands, street performers and so many beautiful light shows.

Today, the region’s biggest attraction is the night light show Viva Vision. It lasts for six minutes, matching exact hours with music and attracts hundreds of visitors every year. Performed on a 27 m high steel dome and about five football pitches long, the light show uses high-end LED technology and more than 12.5 million light bulbs.

With 550,000 watts of the surrounding sound, evening lighting and laser shows are subject to annual events. The most famous play, Lucky Vegas, celebrates the city’s history and symbol also takes place here. It is undeniable that this street is one of the main reasons why travelers find cheap plane tickets to Vegas.

Walking and watching the light shows is a relaxing way for visitors in Las Vegas / Source: https://vegasexperience.com/

Stratosphere tower

If you have not reached the top of the Stratosphere tower, it is as if you have not come to Las Vegas. It is one of the favorite sayings of many travelers who had Las Vegas sightseeing tours packages. So before booking plane tickets to Vegas, write this tower name at the top of the list of places to visit in this sleepless city.

Up to 151 floors, the Stratosphere is like an iconic symbol of Las Vegas and is the first image that every visitor sees when having a helicopter ride in Vegas. The excellent point here is that if you stand from the top floor of the tower, you will admire the beautiful panorama of Las Vegas entertainment paradise, especially at night.

Besides, you can also relax in luxurious hotels or entertain in casinos right inside the tower. And if you are adventurous, go to the top of the tower area and experience the thrill of bungee games there.

The Stratosphere Tower is an impressive image that you can see right upon your arrival in Las Vegas / Source: https://www.lasvegaspass.com/las-vegas-attractions/Stratosphere-Tower-Observation-Deck.html

Final Words

Set foot in this sleepless city is the dream of many people. A time to sightseeing in Vegas may be one of the memories you’ll always remember. So if you have a chance, don’t miss a trip traveling to this entertainment paradise.

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