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You plan to leave the fabulous Las Vegas for the city of angels, Los Angeles in the next few days. You are perfectly ready to enjoy countless entertainment there, from luxury casinos and hotels to vibrant pool parties. However, do not forget one essential thing, how should you travel between two destinations?

There is a bunch of available means of transportation from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, but how about the bus? Does taking a shuttle bus to save you a few bucks or you need to sacrifice the convenience?

Find out the answer in this article!

Why Should You Take A Bus From Las Vegas To Los Angeles?

The first reason to take a bus from Las Vegas to LA is, of course, the low price tag. If you are traveling on a tight budget, it is a good idea to take a bus and save some money for later entertainment in the luxury city of angels. Bus fares range from as low as $1 to 40$, and great deals are always available.

Welcome to Los Angeles

The low price tag does not mean you need to sacrifice comfort. The buses are fully equipped with useful features such as Wifi or onboard restrooms. You can even watch movies along the way! I do not see much difference between taking a bus and going on a luxury shuttle in terms of convenience.

Four Most Popular Bus Services


The Greyhound bus service offers the most scheduled bus trips per day from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, with an average of 31 trips. The buses will depart from Bus Terminal – 200 S Main St and arrive in LA at Bus Terminal – – 1716 E 7th St and three other stations.

Be warned that the Greyhound station in downtown LA is not really a pretty place.

Greyhound bus station in Vegas

On average, it takes 6 hours and 35 minutes to cover the distance between Las Vegas and LA on a Greyhound bus. The fastest route takes only 5 hours.

Greyhound is dedicated to making every passenger feel at home on the bus. You can see their efforts judging by plenty of features on board, from the comfy seats, free Wi-Fi to power outlets.

Also, one special thing you can hardly find elsewhere is that there is no middle seat on the Greyhound buses. Everybody will get either a window or an aisle seat, and I love it!


Megabus is a popular bus service, which provides lots of routes for a variety of destinations. And Las Vegas – Los Angeles is one of them.

The Megabus stops picks up passengers and departs at the RTC South Strip Transfer Terminal at 6675 Gilespie Street in Las Vegas, then it will drop you off at Union Station, right in downtown Los Angeles. This bus stop is directly linked to Metrolink Red, Purple, Gold and Silver Lines.

Megabus express bus service

Once onboard, you will have access to free wifi, individual power outlets, three-point seatbelts, and reclining seats. Entertainment is also provided, but depending on the availability. Megabus is committed to providing you the most comfortable experience ever on the bus.

Feel free to reserve a seat on all of the double-decker buses from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. If you can afford a bit extra, let’s upgrade your seating to have breathtaking views and enjoy more private space.

Megabus runs up to 5 bus trips a day from Sin City to LAX, with the earliest leaving at 1:00 AM and the latest leaving at 8:30 PM. The fastest route takes over 5 hours to reach the destination.

Visit megabus.com to book your ticket in advance and get a big deal now!

Tufesa Internacional

Tufesa buses are available at a higher price compared to those of Greyhound and Megabus. There are six trips per day in total, departing at 99 S Martin L King Blvd and arriving at 611 Maple Ave and two other stations.

Tufesa bus service

On weekends, one extra trip is available. An average trip on Tufesa Internacional takes 5 hours and 25 minutes from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

You are entitled to free Wi-fi, power outlets, and entertainment on the bus. All buses of Tufesa is equipped with air conditioners and onboard restrooms.


Last but not least, do not forget CoachRun when considering a bus route from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. It is the cheapest out of four services I mentioned today, and you can have a seat on a CoachRun bus from $11.

CoachRun bus service

In Las Vegas, CoachRun will set off at Tropicana Hotel and two other stations. After about 5 hours and 44 minutes, it will arrive at Near LA Union Station in Los Angeles.

CoachRun runs five bus trips per day, and you can have access to basic features such as free Wifi, power outlets, and air conditioning.

How To Book Cheap Bus Tickets

Bus fares are low-priced, but you can even get it at a fraction of the cost. How to do so?

The best way to book as early as possible. As the departure date approaches, most bus services increase the the price gradually. If you book 21 days earlier, you can save up to $6.

What Is The Busiest Time To Travel By Bus

The answer is around 7:00AM on Monday. If you plan to travel this time, it is advised to reserve a seat as the tickets may be sold out quickly. Entertainment and power outlets that are subject to availability may be in a shortage.

On Thursday, all buses are less likely to be crowded. So if possible, go at this time to have a bit extra legroom and enjoy all the entertainment.

Wrapping It Up

If you prepare to travel from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, let’s consider taking a bus! I hope you can have a comfy experience on the bus after reading my article today.

Thanks a lot for reading. If your friends have the same intentions, do not hesitate to share this post with him or her now.

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