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When speaking of Las Vegas, you often think of sleepless casinos and endless parties with thousands of people gambling and playing around. Therefore, the idea of visiting Las Vegas on a budget seems unappealing at first.

However, this article will prove you wrong. Feel free to immerse yourself in the distinctive culture of Las Vegas on an incredibly money-saving trip.

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Where To Stay In Las Vegas On A Budget

There are lots of hotels to stay in Las Vegas at a fraction of the cost. Check out some best places below!

The Carriage House

This is one of few budget-friendly accommodations with convenient location in Las Vegas. The hotel is only four minutes away from the Strip if you travel by cars.

Every room features a TV, an iPOD charger, and a safe. Plus, laundry service is totally free.

Hilton Lake Las Vegas

Pay a little less but get a little more! The Hilton Lake Las Vegas looks like a luxury resort where everybody pays through the nose for service, but it is actually not. The room rate is moderately-priced considering the opulent interiors.

The hotel features a large pool and a scenic garden. Golf courses are also available for some enthusiasts out there.

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

A trip to Vegas that does not break your bank? Let’s stay at Downtown Hotel! The room rate here starts from $30 per night, and visitors have convenient access to a pool, two bars, two restaurants, and a bunch of gaming options.

This place is highly recommended for e-sports fans as well. For your concern, Downtown Grand Hotel is the host to tournaments.

Oasis at Gold Spike

Prior to 2014, this hotel was still an obsolete property with few visitors. The makeover then transformed it into an appealing old-school hotel in the heart of Old Vegas.

A unique trait of Oasis is that you can find no smoking and gaming here. Instead, some rare facilities such as co-working space or a media library are readily available for use. That is why Oasis is a favorite destination for those introverts who love tranquil feelings.

Tips To Have Cheap Rooms

Even if you cannot book a cheap house for rent, you can still stay in the Sin City on a budget! How? Discover the below tips!

Arrive Midweek

The hotels in Las Vegas are more affordable when you arrive in the middle of the week. Generally, the price drops to a surprisingly low rate on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Midweek arrival in Las Vegas is cheaper

The accommodation prices also depend on the conventions and major events happening. If you visit Las Vegas during a festival, expect to spend three times as much as the normal days.

Visit Third-Party Sites

Some traveling sites such as Tripadvisor will offer special incentives if you book via them. Check some sites if there is any before booking directly.

Get a discount on traveling sites

Ask For Free Upgrades

If you travel to Las Vegas for the first time, you will be surprised that many hotels will offer you a free upgrade. Sometimes, visitors receive a surprising gift for no reason at all. Therefore, when you check-in at the hotel, ask the hotel clerk gently for any upgrade available.

No free lunch, but a free upgrade in Las Vegas!

Budget-friendly Dining In Las Vegas

Krung Siam Thai

Help yourself to the best cheap Asian eats right in Vegas now! Krung Siam Thai serves delicious meals at a reasonable price range. Plus, you can choose your desired spicy level!

The service here is excellent, and sometimes you can dine while listening to live musicians performing. How amazing is that!

Mr. Mamas

If you want a saving but healthy breakfast, do not miss out on Mr. Mamas – one of the best-loved restaurants on TripAdvisor. The menu includes steak and egg, pancakes, as well as the California omelet.

You can choose some common foods for breakfast such as burgers, salads, and coffee as well.

Garden Court Buffet

People often say that buffet is always one of the cheapest eats, but only when you know where to dine. When you visit the Sin City, head towards Garden Court for a generous meal now.

The price varies for each meal but does not exceed $15. The restaurant charges you $13 for dinner, while breakfast and lunch cost $9 and $10 respectively.

How To Get Cheap Eats In Vegas

Avoid Gambling

Some people may advise you to save money by getting free drinks at a casino while playing some cheap slots, but I do not. Why so?

No gambling if you want to save money

You know, the reason they offer drinks is to keep you trying your luck as you get only one drink every 15 minutes as long as you are gambling. Subsequently, when you continue to gamble, chances are you will lose more than you win. Buying two cheap bottles of bourbon would have been way more profitable.

If you are traveling on a tight budget, my ultimate advice is no gambling.

Skip The Alcohol

Some restaurants do serve low-priced food, but as long as you do not drink any alcohol. One beer can cost you up to $8, and you need $12 for a glass of wine. You can always go without alcoholic drinks, so save a few bucks for other purposes!

If you just cannot resist the temptation to drink, let’s pre-party at your rooms with the booze bought at the local market.

Eat At Resort Buffets

Eating at a buffet is no wonder the best bang for your buck. Paying about 25 dollars and you can treat yourself to a wide array of 5-star quality food and drinks.

Want a buffet hack?

Well, most buffets are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the prices differ. Typically, dinner is the most expensive of them all.

The ultimate life hack is to visit the restaurants at a late brunch time and eat slowly until dinner time. Then you will pay the brunch prices for dinner buffet. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Bottom Line

Thank you for reading! I hope these tips will help you enjoy your trip to Las Vegas on a budget without missing out on any glam or luxury.

If you find this article useful, please like and share this guide on social networking sites. Ask me any questions related to the topic, and I will contact you as soon as possible. Have a great trip!

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