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Need A Special Anniversary Date? Go To These 5 Places To Go In Las Vegas

Need A Special Anniversary Date? Go To These 5 Places To Go In Las Vegas


Need A Special Anniversary Date? Go To These 5 Places To Go In Las Vegas

What pops up in your mind when it comes to an ideal anniversary date?

A romantic dinner with a small orchestra?

An emotional ride on the world tallest wheel?

A leisurely stroll on the streets in Europe?

If so, you definitely should spend your date night in Las Vegas because you can get everything you need for an unforgettable celebration there.

As this is an anniversary, it’s reasonable to go a bit extra, so that you two can have the most memorable moments in your love life.

Though I have spent my big days in many cities in the U.S, Sin City still brings about a unique experience that few destinations could compare.

Below are several suggestions for a perfect date in Las Vegas. Life in this city constantly changes, but I still believe my recommendations for best places to go in Las Vegas will be of great help since they are the most classic.

Top 5 Places To Go In Las Vegas For Anniversary

Spend A Night In One Of The Most Luxury Resort

Without a shadow of a doubt, Las Vegas is home to the world’s most acclaimed resort complex. That’s why your anniversary date will become super terrific if organized here in Vegas city.

There is a wide array of accommodations for you to choose from, depending on your preference.

If you enjoy the utmost convenience and you can afford a bit extra, don’t miss out The Strip with top-notch hotels such as Caesars Palace. Nearby the gorgeous landscape of Caesars, you can find Nobu Hotel, an opulent property founded by the famous American actor, producer, and director Robert De Niro.

Wanna try something off the beaten track?

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa is waiting for you. It’s a low-key place set in between a breathtaking setting of the Summerlin area, down the Las Vegas valley.

Despite the faraway location, Red Rock Resort still brings a great sense of elite thanks to the premium decoration and excellent customer service.

Space Travel To Europe In The Venetian And Eiffel Tower

Still within the Vegas Strip, you and your partner can feel like stepping in another world in The Venetian. As you may know, Venice is among the top destinations for couples as the antique house buildings create a romantic vibe that nowhere else got to offer.

Isn’t it amazing that you can travel to Venice in Las Vegas?

Designed and constructed by Kling Stubbins, the number one corporation in engineering, The Venetian is the most successful replica of the authentic Venice with a lot of Venetian landmarks, including the Piazza San Marco, Piazzetta di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, the Column of Saint Theodore, the Lion of Venice Column and,  the Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Campanile.

Just a 20-minute walk away from The Venetian, you can reach Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino that features a half-scale replica of the world-renowned Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The best thing about this version is that it is less crowded. Also, the observation deck at the height of more than 500 feet above the sea level gives out a breath-taking view of the Vegas Strip.

Get A Retreat For Soul In A Natural Hot Spring

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, stress and tension may impair your relationship, so why not turn the anniversary date into a heating catalyst for the mutual affection between you and your other half?

With approximately 300 hot springs, Nevada is where you can relieve stress and recharge your battery. Most of the natural hot springs gather around Lake Mead National Recreation Area only 26 miles from Downtown Las Vegas.

Thanks to the convenient location, you can have a day trip to a hot spring, immersing yourself in the lukewarm water and come back to the city center before the night falls.

In Gold Strike, the most popular spring, you can take a leisurely hike before relaxing in the water. If you are willing to go a little further, don’t miss out Arizona Hot Spring. It’s a massive spring with a three-tiered pool and a moderate number of visitors.

Dine At The Top Of The World

Vegas buildings hold plenty of world records including the tallest Ferris wheel and the second tallest freestanding observation tower. Just thinking about having dinner at such a height can make me very excited. How about you?

On the High Roller, the world record holder for the Ferris wheel, you can have a bartender on the cabin to make you a signature beverage.

But as for me, this is the most ideal way to enjoy the ride in an exclusive cabin. Two of you will be raising your glass at the height of 550 feet in the most splendid landscape of Sin City.

If you go to the Stratosphere Las Vegas, there are various dining options. Fellini’s serve Italian cuisine, McCall’s Heartland Grill offers sumptuous plates and of course the thrill of the grill.

The best of all is Top Of The World which not only gives you a panoramic view of Las Vegas but also features the unique 360-degree rotation every 80 minutes.

Take A Helicopter Tour Over The Grand Canyon

Last but not least, the most unique and distinctive place to celebrate your anniversary is on a helicopter. In Las Vegas, helicopter trips are common, so the price for a “ride” is more affordable.

The aerial tour can take you to top picked attractions for tourists such as the Vegas Strip, which looks like a shining marble with many skyscrapers, or the Hoover Dam, the fountainhead of the whole state.

If time permits, don’t forget to pass by the Grand Canyon, which is highlighted by multiple shades of red rock mountains.

An add-on for your helicopter trip is a picnic meal at the Grand Canyon. With some sandwiches and a couple of  wines, you and your partner can cherish the magnificent nature and have a short break during the long journey in the air.

Las Vegas is truly a land for exclusive occasions such as an anniversary. There you can find almost everything to make your day memorable from world-class experiences to exotic activities. Hope that my recommendations for the best places to go in Las Vegas will help you plan a perfect date.

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