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How to get a free upgrade for cheap rooms in Las Vegas?

How to get a free upgrade for cheap rooms in Las Vegas?


How to get a free upgrade for cheap rooms in Las Vegas?

You are planning to take a cheap Vegas vacation this year. With a tight budget, you still dream about staying in a luxurious hotel room with a breath-taking view of the city.

The only solution is a room upgrade  free of charge. But, how to get a free upgrade for cheap rooms in Las Vegas?

How to get a free room upgrade in Las Vegas?

Especially, for those who visit Las Vegas for the first time, I would like to share some tips. Scroll down to know!

Six tips to get a free upgrade for cheap rooms in Las Vegas vacations

No.1: Asking in the right manner

I guess that you may, at least once, crave for higher-quality rooms than the current one. A costlier room comes with perfect views, top-notch furniture as well as more additional service. You should not ignore these great upgrade, especially when you are planning for cheap Vegas vacations.

A tip I love to mention first is to ask. How can others know about your expectations when you do not let them know? The key is to do it in the right manner, which holds the key for a free room upgrade. Never forget your “Please!” or “Thank you!” to ask politely.

A demanding tone does not make sense in this case.. The word “complementary” may help to prevent the receptionist from thinking that you are willing to pay for an upgrade.

No.2: Giving a $20 “sandwich”

How do you think about this sandwich?

Honestly, it is not a mere piece of bread you eat for breakfast. I mean the one made from your credit and ID card with a folded $20 in between. You can consider it as a way to tip the receptionist.

Although the tip is not a free solution, $20 is much cheaper than the price of a room upgrade. If asking does not work, this No.2 can solve the problem.

However, some front desk clerks will return this sandwich in case there is no room upgrade available. Then, you have no choice but enjoy your current room.

No.3: Registering the loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a strategy which brands implement to attract loyal customers. One of the most common promotions of these programs is to give rewards. Of course, a free room upgrade is also not out of the trend.

Let’s pick the Marriott Rewards, a program by the Marriott brand as an example. You can sign up the program for free. And as a member, you can earn points from paying for rooms, shopping, or any service of this brand.

Rewards you can get later on include some priorities like mobile check-in, late check-out, or even no backout date.

Free room upgrade

Another loyalty program to consider is the Hyatt Gold Passport. When you reach the “Diamond,” three suite upgrades will be your reward yearly.

Besides, payment methods make a difference as well. It is like as you book a room and you use a specific premium credit card, American Express as an instance. So, you should check the credit card companies you choose to see what they can offer.

No.4: Talking about your special occasions

Last week, I posted the question How to get a free room upgrade in Las Vegas?” on my Instagram story. Do you know that 80% of the answers mentioned the special occasions! Most of my friends say that this tip works every time.

But I do not suggest you lie. Please, say more about your special occasion if it is accurate and don’t when it is not. Mentioning to unreal things is the surest way to keep the upgrade strategy away from you.

Special occasions can be your anniversary, engagement, or birthday.

It sounds quite easy. But how should you  drop this idea into the conversation subtly? My suggestion is to talk about your special occasion in the mid-story.

If you stay in the hotel during the period of low occupancy rate, you are likely to  get a free room upgrade. But if no vacancy is available, and they may offer you a bottle of champagne or additional perquisite.

No.5: Checking in lately

Now, let’s think about the late check-in. Why so?

At the end of the day, the receptionist will get to know about available accommodations on the whole. So, negotiation for the room upgrade becomes more easily. If you are lucky, other guests have occupied in all standard rooms. The hotel must offer you a larger one, for free, of course.

But some customers with loyalty programs may check-in late as well. The clerks may kick you off in case you are not in such a program. So, I suggest you use this tip conservatively.

No.6: Complaining about your room

The last idea of the list is to complain. How tricky it is! I’m just kidding. But if there is something unpleasant in the room, do not hesitate to bring it to the hotel’s attention.

You need to report honestly to the hotel staff about the problem; and hopefully,. you can have a chance of getting a better room.


The free upgrade for cheap rooms in Las Vegas vacations are waiting ahead. Let’s try one of six mentioned tips and let me know if it works for your stay. If you have new ideas or real experience, do not forget to share them in the comment box below.

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