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How Often Do Earthquakes In Las Vegas Occur?

How Often Do Earthquakes In Las Vegas Occur?


How Often Do Earthquakes In Las Vegas Occur?

Earthquakes in Las Vegas are a common natural disaster which people there have to live with. Honestly, it is uncertain to know precisely when the trouble comes.

Plan a trip to Las Vegas

Of course, no one wants to plan a trip to Vegas just to be welcomed by a massive earthquake. To avoid such a case, you need to know how often do earthquakes occur in Las Vegas and how to minimize the risks during an earthquake.

My article will help you to find out the answer and be well-prepared for the trip to Las Vegas.

How do earthquakes occur in Nevada as well as Las Vegas?

Among 50 states of the US, Nevada gets the third position on the earthquake frequency rank. Nevada has about 250 mountain ranges, which keeps increasing with the earthquake risk for years.

As for Las Vegas, the city underlies local fault lines. These locations define borders. Some of these lines edge against the surrounding mountains whereas others run under the city.

Besides, the Earth’s crust fluidity along with the undercut Las Vegas causes large tectonic faults. This is the case that seismologists worry about most. as it potentially leads to strong earthquakes in the future.

How often earthquakes in Las Vegas occur?

The faults I mention above result in the earthquake in Las Vegas. This natural disaster often happens on rare occasions. Do you know what the “rare occasion” means?

In 2003, a geophysicist from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas conducted a seismic survey. According to the result, the city will suffer from an earthquake with the 6.5-7 magnitude someday.

Of course, no one knows precisely when that earthquake strike. However, seismographers assess that “on rare occasions” means the period between 1,000 and 10,000 years.

At the same time, when the survey conducted, seismologists did an estimation of the earthquake probability. They calculated a roughly 1 in 10 likelihood that a magnitude 6.0 earthquake will hit the sleepless city in the next 50 years.

Recent earthquakes in Las Vegas

Around early July 2019,  a 6.4-magnitude quake occurred in the city.

According to the US Geological Survey, the trouble began near Searles Valley in Bernardino County, California. Before spreading to Las Vegas, it was approximately 120 miles to the west of the city.

After investigating, the seismologists said that the shake was not due to the San Andreas fault, but a strike-slip fault instead.

Las Vegas earthquake warning

Several reports about the earthquake sign were published. Many people felt shaking around the Las Vegas valley. The case was also the same in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

There were also smaller quakes in the same area later,  with the magnitudes ranging between 2.7 and 4.7. Fortunately, according to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office and city of Las Vegas, they did not find any significant damage.

What should prepare for sudden earthquakes in Las Vegas?

As a tourist to Las Vegas, you should prepare well in case earthquakes occur suddenly.  there are some essential notes that you need to bear in mind:

  • Emergency kit
  • Phone apps
  • Skills

Emergency kit

When earthquakes happen, a power cut is unavoidable. So, don’t forget an emergency kit as a preventive measure.

An emergency kit includes a flashlight, face mask, phone charger, medications, personal documents, canned food, and drink. These necessities will keep you safe and sound during the disaster.

Phone apps

These apps will support you to find the instruction from local authorities. On top of that, you can have access to the nearest shelters as well as medical facilities via the applications. My suggestions for you include the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Southern Nevada Health District.


During the shake, the first thing to do is to hide under a sturdy structure. For example, stay underneath a table and cover your head. Besides, another useful tip is to press against an indoor wall or even a corner. They all work well for the case.

Plus, you need to avoid shelters close to the high furniture. The object may fall off and put you under jeopardy.

If you are riding a bike or motorbike on the street when the earthquake comes, please pull them over and seek for a shelter. In case you drive a car, you should stay insides till the shake ends.

The last note is “reaching out for help.” What does it mean?

Assuming you are trapped in a corner during the shake, you should remain calm and refrain yourself from shouting. It is because while screaming, you can accidentally inhale dangerous particles from the earthquake aftershock. My advice is to use any nearby objects or even your body to make as much noise as possible. Hopefully, the rescue team can find and save your life.


Not only locals but visitors to Las Vegas worry about the earthquakes in Las Vegas.

The earthquake does not happen every day for sure. You need to update the news and be well-prepared. If you have more tips about this issue, let’s share it in the comment section. Then everyone will be more ready for the upcoming journey to Sin City.

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