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Helicopter Ride in Vegas: Top Attractive Tours on Budget You Cannot Miss

Helicopter Ride in Vegas: Top Attractive Tours on Budget You Cannot Miss


Helicopter Ride in Vegas: Top Attractive Tours on Budget You Cannot Miss

Where can you both sink in depravity, try your luck, and take part in festivals throughout the night? It is Las Vegas – the hottest entertainment city in the world.

In Las Vegas, every casino, which is a small city in itself, fully shows the characteristics of each location, such as Paris Casino with a small version of the famous Eiffel Tower and musicians busking on the street; Venice Casino with the romantic green river; Wynn Casino with tropical gardens and waterfalls in the desert; and much more.

One of Las Vegas’s attractions is imposing art performances, colorful plays, and a great combination of various art forms included. The most charming, attractive one is “Le Rêve” (Dream) on the water stage at the Wynn Casino.

It sounds fascinating. But, I am going to say something more attractive and appealing.

Can you guess what?

Helicopter ride in Vegas – How do you feel? Is it romantic enough?

I know what you worry about, so I will give you affordable Las Vegas helicopter tours. Let’s have peace of mind.

Follow me!!!

The Most Affordable Helicopter Ride in Vegas

1-    Las Vegas Helicopter Night Flight

Do you know that there is a myriad of plane flights to Vegas daily? This famous destination welcomes at least 42 million visitors every year.

What makes many people fall in love with Las Vegas?

I bet that the marvelous night in Las Vegas is one of the reasons. As an example, choosing a lounge (the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay) or standing on the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas is ideal for a stunning night view.

But, you have to pay a big budget for flight and hotel to Vegas and then continue paying for room services just to see a small corner of Las Vegas. From my point of view, this is a non-wise choice.


Las Vegas Night Flight

To admire the beautiful flashing lights of the Las Vegas Strip, you should select appropriate helicopter night flight. I have found out many suppliers for this tour and could claim confidently that this is the Las Vegas helicopter tour cheapest – under $100.

Boarding on a helicopter for 15 minutes, you will have the chance to soar over the well-known stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard. With that, a restricted sightseeing tour of the downtown skyline and beyond of Sin City includes the Fremont Street Experience, the Bellagio, and The Mirage.

The flight covers 20 miles and comes with an enjoyable glass of wine. The departure time is various to fit your schedule. Even, you are picked-up and seen off by Mercedes Sprinter. What a luxury!

2-    Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas

My friend asked me which the best Vegas tours were. Grand Canyon trip from Vegas – I only took several seconds to answer this question.

Being a majestic sculpture of the Colorado River in Arizona, Grand Canyon is an incredible natural wonder of the world. There are North Rim or South Rim that is ideal for camping, the beautiful falls (typically the Havasu Falls), the luxurious hotels (the El Tovar Hotel, for example), and other exciting activities.

Grand Canyon Helicopter

So, a helicopter ride from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon is perfect to adore  all beautiful sceneries here.

Flying from Henderson to the West Rim and then flying over the majestic Colorado River, the famous Hoover Dam, and beautiful Lake Mead, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is hard to forget.

Depending on the tour booked, the flight lasts about 35-45 minutes.

Even with knowledge about the depth of the Canyon, when descending lower below the rim of Canyon, you will still feel surprised by the breathtaking view that Mother Nature  has bestowed on this land.

It is often more than enough for most visitors:

A Champagne toast enjoyed with snacks is a commemoration of the moment. Before returning to Las Vegas, you will travel over the Black Canyon.

This adventure is more expensive than a night flight tour, but having said that, it is worth seeing the beauty in Grand Canyon.

3-    Hoover Dam Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas

Las Vegas tours to Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam are preferred by many tourists. On holidays, a large number of tourists visit two sites in this.

Located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, Hoover Dam looks grandiose when viewed from above. That’s why many visitors enjoy booking a helicopter tour to have an overall view of the historic Hoover Dam constructed between 1931 and 1936.

Hoover Dam Helicopter Tour

Traveling to Hoover Dam is a memorable experience. It is kind of like a travel-back-in-time trip. Up in the air, you will be able to see the impressive scale of the dam.

Departing from Las Vegas, a helicopter will quickly take you to the Hoover Dam. On the way to the dam, you will see the views over Colorado River and Lake Mead. The water is clear with a few cruise ships. What a beautiful sight!

You can choose one of the tours from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon. Pay a little more to see the beautiful locations in this magnificent city.

In Short

Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas have never ceased in popularity as these attractions have attracted millions of tourists every year.

Because life is a journey, no one wants to miss their life trip. The most destination is a brilliant city like Las Vegas.

Someone told me that I would get overwhelmed by the natural beauty if I experience a helicopter ride in Vegas. And then, I tried experience one of helicopter tours above. It is so great!

I trusted in that as it is amazingly beautiful.

Would you like to experience once?

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