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Cheap Las Vegas Vacations: How To Make The Trips More Budget – Friendly?

Cheap Las Vegas Vacations: How To Make The Trips More Budget – Friendly?


Cheap Las Vegas Vacations: How To Make The Trips More Budget – Friendly?

It is such a perfect idea to have cheap Las Vegas vacations. Do you know why?

Las Vegas – A Colorful and vibrant city

Impressive entertainment, fantastic cuisine, and pretty mesmerizing nightlife are an unforgettable impression for those who have chances to visit Las Vegas. These attractions make the city become a popular destination of thousands of tourists each year.

The popularity, unfortunately, leads to high costs of services here. So, many people start wondering that is it impossible to go for cheap Vegas holidays. Let me show how you can plan the trip in the most budget-friendly way.

Tips for making cheap Las Vegas vacations come true

By what way can you relax on cheap Las Vegas vacation?

Honestly, it is not necessary to cross out anything from your wish-list when going for a cheap holiday. The importance is you know how to keep costs as low as possible and decrease unnecessary expenses. A suitable arrangement will help you to save lots of money and enjoy the trips thoroughly as well. Followings are some important factors that you should bear in mind.

Time to come to Las Vegas

The best time to plan a trip to Vegas is from March to May. Or it is also ideal to travel between September and November as the city is welcoming the spring and fall. Then, of course, the weather is moderate that you can perfectly enjoy.

Besides those months, you should avoid the ones around New Year’s Eve. It is the period when tons of visitors flock to the city. An influx of people also means an increase in costs and a difficulty to search for affordable traveling deals.

No matter what your decision of travel seasons will be, it’s advisable to make a round trip to Vegas on the midweek. In the weekend, finding out the lower-price room seems to be impossible.

Transportation for a cheap journey to Vegas

Two options are available for you to pick, one is to drive, and the other is to go by plane. I guess that many of you will decide to drive to Las Vegas when comparing the gas cost with that of the flight ticket. Am I right? But driving is not as fun as you imagine. Have you ever thought about annoying troubles on the road?

If you can book for discounted flight tickets, the cost will not be extremely high.

At first, don’t forget to buy Las Vegas flight tickets in advance. The cheap vacancy merely waits for you at last minutes. To make the trip more economical, you must plan everything early.

When your area has more than one airport, feel free to choose the smaller one. The reason is that small airports often charge cheaper parking fares.

An estimation of the costs of flight and accommodation is essential, too. For instance, on Saturday, you can book cheap flight tickets very quickly. But hotel rates on this day tend to be overpriced. And considerable saving accommodation may happen if you pay a little bit more for the flights.

However, to cut the cost at most, I highly recommend booking the vacation during the week from Tuesday to Thursday.

Cheap accommodations

To stay in inexpensive accommodation, I always prefer packages for cheap flights and hotels to Vegas. And I also bear in mind that the trip should be on weekdays.

If you are not sure about the low price and the quality, you ought to double check on the brand website. One note for you is that the cost will be more affordable when you book directly with the hotel. Promotions from travel agencies are also good, but it is still better to work with the brands directly.

Cheap Las Vegas vacations

Cheap drink and food

People consider Las Vegas as the city of alcohol. So, I am not surprised when knowing that drinks are free in Las Vegas casinos. Otherwise, having drinks in clubs can knock you down with skyrocketing prices.

As for food, trying buffets is the best idea. But you must ensure that your meals are not buffets of expensive restaurant like Foie Gras.

Also, I suggest you to choose the delivery option for lunch. My recommendation is the Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Naked Fish’s Sushi & Grill or Mingo Kitchen & Lounge. It can help you save plenty of money. Or, hotel food courts are also not a bad place to try out local cuisine.

Entertainment on a tight budget

I have to say that it is always hard to look for the tight-budget entertainment for cheap Vegas vacations. Hence, my solution to this issue is to decrease the budget for other services.

Best things to do on cheap Las Vegas vacations

On cheap Las Vegas vacations, you should not miss exciting free things here. Although they are free, they still can delight your trips for sure.

The first thing I must introduce is a free drink. Whenever you drop your money into a machine or play at table gambling games or even stand to watch, drinks will be delivered to you for free. My trick for you is to tip the waitress. With only $2, he will be back by the time you are ready for the next drinks.

Plus, you can go sightseeing in Vegas. Some recommendations for free spots include the Trademark Sign, Flamingo Las Vegas and Hoover Dam. Moreover, other exciting places are Free Circus Performance and Downtown Container Park.

One more thing is to take a hike at Red Rock Canyon. This place is also an exciting round trip to Las Vegas destination for the whole family. If you are a kind of adventurous traveler, you can hike, climb, bike or enjoy the outdoors around 20 minutes there for relaxation.


Going on cheap Las Vegas vacations brings you a lot of things. You will have an excellent opportunity to explore the colorful and vibrant city. And it is possible for you to save lots of money for your next trips, too.

All tips of cheap package holidays to Las Vegas above are taken from my experience. If you plan to visit the city soon, do not forget to let me know about your experience. Stay tuned for my next post on other exciting traveling destinations.

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