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6 Suggestions To Get The Best View Of Fireworks On The Fourth Of July Event In Las Vegas

6 Suggestions To Get The Best View Of Fireworks On The Fourth Of July Event In Las Vegas


6 Suggestions To Get The Best View Of Fireworks On The Fourth Of July Event In Las Vegas

Independence Day vacation can be the most important holiday for American and foreign visitors alike. There’s no denying that the New York firework displays are the most significant, but the event in Las Vegas will be no inferior as Sin City knows what is really mind-blowing.

From the ordinary parties down the Strip to an exclusive helicopter tour, Vegas can do them all.

Isn’t it amazing?

So, let’s have a look at some of the most stunning places to watch the Fourth of July fireworks in Las Vegas.

6 Places To Celebrate Independence Day Event In Las Vegas

Caesars Palace

First and foremost, Caesars Palace is a luxury destination for an elaborate fireworks show. Known as one of the most magnificent landmarks in Vegas in terms of size and design, the Palace looks like a shining star on the Fourth of July night with colorful decorations.

The show will be massive as some casinos nearby join together. The first fire starts at around 9:15 PM and lasts for about 13 minutes.

If you stay at their hotel, you will be invited to the viewing party at the Spanish Steps. Still, wandering around the Strip can give you a great view too. The only problem is, as the streets won’t be closed to vehicles, the sidewalks and all the routes will be very crowded.

Mandalay Bay Beach

The Strip gets gorgeous during Independence Day. Not only fireworks in the Caesars Palace but you can also indulge in the festive vibe in the Mandalay Bay Beach.

If you are a beach lover, this is definitely the place for you. Featuring an 11-acre aquatic playground, Mandalay Bay Beach even holds a spectacular concert accompanied by a fireworks display.

Music performance usually begins at 9 P.M, then leading up to the sneak peek of a fireworks show at half-past ten.

The only thing that makes me hesitate to spend the Fourth of July in Mandalay Bay Beach is the ticket fee for the show. You won’t be able to see the fireworks from outside due to the coastal layout, so inside entrance is a requirement. If 20 bucks are no problem for you, this is an ideal option.

Plaza Hotel

If you are not really into the extravagance of the Las Vegas Strip, hit the road of Fremont Street, which is the Vegas Downtown. Plaza Hotel is the only host for the fireworks display on Independence Day within this neighborhood.

Though the main building doesn’t possess such a fancy look as the hotels and resorts on the Strip, this more than 100-year-old landmark has its own charms.

What I appreciate most is fireworks will be shot off from multiple places, creating a magical sky on Independence night.

As it is in the Downtown, there is a wide selection of bars, pubs, food stalls as well as restaurants. The price range is also various, so you can easily find a comfortable seat to enjoy the night.

One important note is the show starts quite early, at 5 PM, earlier than in other places. Therefore, you should get dressed up quickly to watch the full performance.

Red Rock Resort

I highly recommend Red Rock Resort for a family vacation on the Fourth of July because it is situated in the Summerlin area, down the Las Vegas valley.

This location is a bit off the radar, so the atmosphere is more relaxing and comforting. Another plus point is your kids will not be overwhelmed with casinos and clubhouses like on the Strip or the Vegas Downtown.

Like other hotels and resorts in the heart of Vegas, Red Rock Resort has a 10-minute fireworks performance on the Independence day.

The funny part is, on the property, you actually can’t watch the show due to the firing location. So, you will have to go on a picnic with foldable chairs and blankets to the Downtown Summerlin to enjoy the fireworks.

As for me, I love that kind of “inconvenience” because my children can play around the grassy ground while my spouse and I share some romantic moments under the fireworks.

Stratosphere Las Vegas

The most outstanding feature of the Stratosphere Las Vegas is 1,149 feet. It is acclaimed as “the tallest freestanding observation tower” in America.

Though The STRAT Hotel, Casino and SkyPod is a notable complex in Las Vegas, it doesn’t do any fireworks show on Independence Day. However, as it has an exceptionally high tower, you may come to the observation deck to get a panoramic view of the Vegas city during the critical night. It encircles the tower so that you can see the firework performances from many angles.

Besides, there are a lot of adventurous games inside the building. My favorite is the Big Shot ride from 1,081 feet. It used to the highest thrill ride until the Canton Tower in China opened the Sky Drop.

Sundance Helicopter Trips

Last but not least, this is for sure, the specialty of Las Vegas. Sundance Helicopter tours.

Typically, guests to Vegas city will have a day trip in the air to catch a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon and the town itself. But you can also savor the Independence night on the helicopter.

At the height of approximately 800 feet from sea level, it’s both comfortable and awesome to watch the fireworks display. The aerial tour will take you to the Red Rock Conservation Park to cherish a fantastic sunset, then head to the Strip to have a quick look at the grand parties.

To go for a classy tour in the air, order a champagne toast or a private bluff near the Red Rock Conservatory. I can assure this is the most exotic experience on Earth.

As Sundance is the only company to operate helicopter tours on the Fourth of July, the price is very high. A full-option trip can be more than $300.

As you can see, there are various choices for you to relish the Fourth of July event in Las Vegas. Though I haven’t experienced Independence Day in all American cities, I can bet that the Vegas version is among the most thrilling. Next time you plan for the Independence vocation, don’t forget to consider Las Vegas.

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