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Las Vegas is world-renowned for thousands of luxury nightclubs and casinos, but this fabulous city is way more than that. There is a concept called the day club, where you can have a lot of fun in the water with your friends. If you are into wearing or watching bikinis, this is definitely your best bet in Las Vegas.

We decided to introduce this list of best Las Vegas pool parties for both locals and newcomers to chill out in this scorching heat. Start planning your day club experience now!

Best-loved Vegas Pool Parties


The pool on the 4th floor of the Nomad hotel is chilling at midweeks, but it transforms into the vibrant Jemaa party on weekends. There are dancing areas at both ends of the pool for you to play around, and multiple kinds of drinks are available.

The NoMad pool

For example, the “Porn Star” is a mix of Absolut Elyx and champagne. For a wilder option, go with the cocktail fountain to choose from a myriad of 150 drinks.

Marquee Dayclub

Live it up at the heart of the Strip in Marquee Dayclub now! Immerse yourself in a vivid beach club scene while chilling with some nice music with up-and-coming DJs. There are eight Grand Cabanas in total, each of which has a private spa and a huge plunge pool.

For a genuine experience in Marquee Dayclub, you cannot miss out on the three-story bungalow lofts overlooking the day club.

Party in Marquee Dayclub

Want to attend a pool party, but you are on a tight budget?

Nevermind! The Marquee recently launched the bottle service program from Friday to Sunday. Feel free to purchase tequila, vodka or champagne from communal areas before attending the party to save tons of money on booze.

You can attend the pool party at Marquee any day in the week, but if you desire to meet and greet with influential DJs, wait until the Friday-Sunday party.

Breathe Pool

The Hard Rock is one of the first hotels to introduce the day club concept to Las Vegas with the Breathe Pool. The pool party offers outstanding views from the top, overlooking the entire resort’s pool complex. A lineup of local DJs is always ready to blast out some hard music and lift your energy.

When to visit this vibrant party?

Well, the Breathe pool opens from Friday to Sunday only. It is a pity if you have to leave Las Vegas before the weekends.


Located in southwest Henderson, the Daydream is for those who desire to ditch the Strip but still love pool parties. It comes with everything that a standard Strip dayclub has, including cabanas, DJ booth, daybeds, hot tubs, etc., but at a fraction of the cost.

Daydream pool party

The club opens on Saturdays, Sundays, and there are special events on holidays. Before noon, ladies can get in totally free of charge, and men need to pay only half the price. Seasons passes begin at $129, and discounts on bottle service are always available.

Someone with a car will love the Daydream more, as parking is free there.


The liquid is a different world from other pool parties in Las Vegas since the intimate feeling it gives off for visitors. There are eight massive VIP cabanas, which can be doubled if necessary. Each cabana comes with private pools, TVs, and of course, daybeds.

The drinks vary in price; some are as cheap as $15 while others can cost up to $17,500. You can attend the Liquid party in the Aria resort from Wednesday to Sunday.

Plus, you can enjoy drink specials if you wear pink to the party on Wednesday. A signature event of Liquid name “On Wednesday We Wear Pink” is open every week.

Tao Beach

A rare Asian-inspired pool party on the rooftop with playboys and tattoos. Tao Beach is right up your alley if you are craving for a wild atmosphere where you can live it up to the fullest. Once you feel tired, let’s retreat to one of 12 cabanas to enjoy a 5-star rating service with Xbox systems and HD televisions.

Vibrant scene at Tao Beach

Not only the decor, but the foods in Tao Beach also embrace the Asian theme. There you can have sushi, edamame, and even Korean-style chicken wings.

Love tattoos? Feel free to join the Inked Sundays at the Labor Day Weekend.

Tao Beach welcomes visitors all days in the week, but special guests only come from Friday to Sunday.

Go Pool

This is the only pool to live up the party mode seven days a week in Vegas, a fact confirmed. This summer, the host is going to welcome an up-and-coming lineup of Flo Rida, Ashanti, etc. Do not miss out on the golden opportunity to meet up with your idols in Go Pool!

When you visit the Go Pool, you can immediately forget all the stresses and chill your soul out in the lagoon-style tropical atmosphere. The dayclub soaks in fantastic scenery with towering palm trees, waterfalls, and the High Roller wheel visible next door.

Encore Beach

Keep your valuables in the daybeds around the pool and dance to the beats in the 60,000-square-foot Encore Beach Club now! This is one of a few day clubs in Vegas with enough space and breathing room for you to cool off the heat

The splendid views of Encore Beach Club

For some private space, let’s visit one of 26 cabanas surrounding the pool to watch some movies on the flat-screen televisions. If money is no problem, you can book a two-story bungalow for incredible views of the Strip.

The Bottom Line

Vegas is no wonder the heaven for pool party enthusiasts, with hundreds of hotels featuring vibrant dayclub scenes. We hope you have a genuine experience in best Vegas pool parties during your next trip.

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