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3 Best Tribute Acts in Las Vegas

3 Best Tribute Acts in Las Vegas


3 Best Tribute Acts in Las Vegas

“Hey Ken, wanna go for The Beatles concert this evening?”

“Are you kidding? They were unbanded forever!” said I when first being invited to the Beatleshow.

It turned out to be a tribute band who covered the legendary The Beatles from their voice to their appearance. That time, I completely threw back to the earlier days of rocks in the 20th century – Such an unforgettable experience.

Besides the Beatleshow, there is another bunch of tribute acts available to enjoy, such as Blond Invasion (three favorite blond girls – Britney, Lady Gaga, and Madonna) or Australian Bee Gees Show (covering songs of Bee Gees.)

These are also the best tribute acts in Las Vegas. Don’t miss!


Why Are Tribute Acts So Popular in Sin City?

In Las Vegas, you can even come across the A-list stars on the streets or at the resorts. However, there is an easier way to meet up with them in a fascinating way – taking part in the shows of tribute artists.

Getting back to the good old days

For some reason, your favorite singers can no longer show their faces in a live concert. Yet, you miss their voice so much.

Take Elvis Presley for example.

Back then I was in the 20s when the music of Elvis dominated almost all corners of the street. I spent all my savings to book his concert in 1977. It was such a once-in-a-life experience that I would never forget – his charming appearance and the chilling rock and roll freedom.

When he passed away, I thought I would never relive those legendary moments.

Thank goodness, I know tribute bands in Las Vegas who cover Elvis’ voice and style so professionally that I could almost see the young and lively Elvis again.

10 Elvis tribute artist in one shot. Find the differences?

No need to spend all of your savings on superstars’ concerts

All of us want to hear our idols singing lively in their concerts, but to tell the truth, we might not be able to afford a ticket. In addition, the concert is not available nearby frequently.

Booking a tribute act is an economical alternative. The price for a tribute show often falls between $25 to $80 per night – many times cheaper.

Interesting enough, the artists in the show are so talented to create a similar vibe provided by the A-list stars.

1 minute to watch the following Michael Buble Tribute Act and you will see.


3 Best Tribute Acts in Las Vegas


The very first tribute bands I booked in Las Vegas, also my most favorite one, is the Beatleshow. You already know that the band covers The Beatles right from its name, don’t you?

Can you see? Four Beatles on their heydays

This orchestra is awesome. They sound and look much like the original John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison.

Their appearance is well-prepared with clean-cut black suits, swing Beatlemania, and mop-topped quartet. Even better, they play the same brand of amps and instruments like those of the originals without tapes or backing tracks.

Their voice and performing style also reflects the vibe of the 60s rocks and rolls. All songs are arranged professionally as in real concerts with lights and dancers. They even step off the stage and make noises with the audience.

Most importantly, I feel like they sing at their heart as big fans of The Beatles. When they sing “A Hard Day’s Night” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” I bet that many of you might burst into tears.

Those guys really nail it! If you want to meet up with them, take some notes:

  • Location: Saxe Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
  • Times: 5:30 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Length: 75 minutes
  • Price: from $29.00 to $73.00 (frequently discounted)
    No Age Restriction: Kids can join
  • Free Self-Parking

Blond Invasion

If you are not a fan of rock, you can try a pop tribute show.

Guess who? Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga

Up to now, you might never meet these three favorite Malibu Barbies in the same stage. No need to imagine, you can see those three singing together in the Blond Invasion The Show.

  • Location: Club Z Showroom (V3), Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
  • Times: 7 p.m. on Monday to Saturday
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Price: from $39.00 to $77.00 (frequently discounted)
    No Age Restriction: Kids can join

Three blonde bombshells do such a great impersonation.

The artist who plays the role of Britney is the best as she looks and sounds exactly like the original. You would feel the real Britney singing and dancing for you.

Lady Gaga and Madonna impersonators have a great voice. Though they are not as good as the real versions (reaching the level of Gaga and Madonna is hardly possible), their performing skills are excellent. The backup dancers, lighting and sound system add fire to the show.

I can’t help but sing along with the hits to such an extent that I can’t speak normally after three songs.

Australian Bee Gees Show

If you do a quick search for the best tribute bands in the world, you might come across the name of Australian Bee Gees Show several times. It makes sense as this band has over-22-year experience in tribute acts of Bee Gees.


They go beyond the acts, they are a real band

Look out or you might be swept away by the very first hit in The Australian Bee Gees Show. This band is so popular that they have fans all over the world and their concerts might welcome millions of people at a time.

Besides singing the Bee Gees’ legendary works, such as “Staying Alive,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” and “You Should Be Dancing,” the band also performs other songs. It makes almost every show something new and worth your wait.

The tickets are sold out in a fly, so be quick.

  • Location: Thunderland, Excalibur
  • Times: 7 p.m. on Saturday to Thursday
  • Length: 75 minutes
  • Price: from $44.54 to $69.00 (frequently discounted)
  • Age Restriction: Five years old and above

Are You Ready to Join a Tribute Act?

Next time, if you travel to Las Vegas, take my recommendation into account and I give my words – You will never forget. In case you are already ready for the show, book the best tribute acts in Las Vegas now to get the attractive deals.

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